This is a fast, energizing breath borrowed from Kundalini yoga. It creates a lot of heat in the body and it’s excellent for waking up if you’re too tired or for raising energy in preparation for a spell. The focus during this breath should be placed on the exhale.

  1. Exhale through the nose by rapidly drawing your stomach to your spine.
  2. Inhale simply by relaxing the stomach.
  3. Begin with one breath every 2-3 seconds and as you get more comfortable with the breath work up to 1-2 exhalations per second.
  4. Practice this breath for no more that one to two minutes and if you start to get light headed, take a break and try a softer breath.

I use this breath whenever I start spacing out during a ritual, and before or during sex, it’s amazing what even one minute of energetic breathing can do for your focus and awareness.

This breath can make you lightheaded if practiced for too long or too quickly. Pay attention to your body and only do as much as is comfortable! It’s also important to note that while uncommon, it is possible to pass out from breathing exercises. This unconsciousness can be sudden and without warning so it’s important that you NEVER practice these kinds of exercises in or near water. Even shallow water can be fatal if you fall unconscious.