Welcome to The Witch’s Energy System!

This course is designed to give you a solid knowledge base in your personal energy system to help you improve your magic and energy work. You’ll learn how to utilize this system to enhance your spells, adjust your personal energy, and also gain more insight into the people around you by understanding how their energy might be affecting their moods, words, and actions.

If you’re not the kind of person who can easily feel or sense energy, don’t worry. You can still make use of this information! Many people who consider themselves “energy blind” find that having a framework in place to guide their energy work without them being able to sense it helps them to make fuller use of techniques that were previously impossible for them. 

It is possible for the following framework to serve as an introduction to learning to sense energy but that’s not what it is intended as. If you’re brand new to energy work and have no idea if you can sense it or not, keep an open mind! Not everyone can sense energy. Some people can but don’t realize that they are until much later in their practice. 

Don’t take anything at face value in the world of energy work. What looks and feels like white light to one person may feel like red hot magma or a cloud of green fog to another person. You may sense energy through visuals, through colors, or smells, through physical sensation, or even sound! I’ve known witches who only knew when they were sensing energy by a kind of mental “itch” in the back of their mind. 

And like I said, plenty of witches cannot feel energy at all. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, you can make use of the witch’s energy system and use energy work with no problem. Trust the process and your own inherent ability to work magic, even if you can’t feel it you are moving and transforming energy every day. It’s time to start making use of this natural process for your own benefit!