In order to get to what the witch’s energy system actually is, we need to first clear up what it’s NOT. 

The witch’s energy system is NOT the same as the chakra system. If you’ve studied the chakras you may see parallels between the two systems and you won’t be off base in drawing those parallels, however, these two approaches to the human energy system have some fundamental differences.

  1. The chakra system has 7 major energy centers while the witch’s energy system has 8 major energy centers.
  2. The chakra system is used for health and wellbeing. It’s a method of diagnosing and adjusting personal energy in order to help shift problems, improve the health, and identify where you might be falling short in your development. The witch’s energy system can be used for health and wellbeing but that is not its primary function. We’ll go into more depth about what the witch’s energy system is used for in the next section.
  3. The chakra system, as it’s taught in the western world, is a static thing. The first chakra is related to earth, the second, water, and so forth. Each one has it’s uses and relates to the other centers in specific ways. The witch’s energy system is not static. One of the fundamental principles of this method of working is that you can adjust and tailor the energy of each center to suit your current life situation and your spellwork.

The energy system you’re about to learn is a highly customizable framework that will allow you to tap into your own energy body, allowing you to perform energy work on yourself and utilize that energy in a more technically advanced way in your spirituality.

This energetic body is made up of many energy centers in every part of your body but we’re going to be focusing the 8 major centers that will have the biggest impact on your work as a witch. The 8 major energy centers run from your tailbone, up your spine to just above the crown of your head while some minor centers exist in the hands, feet, shoulders, and forearms.

Each center relates to your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical selves in unique ways, giving you insights into yourself that can take your craft to a deeper level.

If you’re the kind of person who has trouble feeling energy and performing energy work, don’t worry. You can still make use of this energy system. “Feeling” energy is only one way to interact with it, there are many other wonderful ways to get in tune with this system and use it to your advantage whether you can feel it or not. I would encourage you to continue with an open mind and see what comes out of just experimenting with this method of working.