Witchcraft works perfectly fine without using this energy system. This is not 100% non-negotiable information but it IS an incredible way to really sink deeper into your craft and bring it into your life in a more prevalent and consistent way.

So many witches that I speak to on a daily basis struggle to incorporate their craft consistently into their lives. They’ll have periods of time where it’s all witchcraft all the time but then life gets in the way and suddenly it’s been 3 weeks since they’ve done a spell and the guilt of feeling like a bad witch begins to creep in. I know this situation so well, I struggled with it for years! 

The witch’s energy system is an amazing way to more seamlessly integrate your craft into your life. It gives you a framework to reference and utilize when, instead of spells and rituals, you just need a way to look at yourself and your life through the lens of magic to keep your spark of power actively involved in your life.

In addition, using this energy system will help to take your spell casting to new heights, allowing you to align yourself with your intentions before, during, and after your spells in a way that will get you results in your magic like never before. 

Consider this example, you’ve been having problems in your romantic life and you feel that poor communication is the source of the problem. You sit down to cast a spell to open communication pathways between yourself and your partner but instead of just casting this spell, you also take the time to recalibrate your energy system to support your goals. Instead of allowing a random default energy to reside in your emotional center, you change it to correspond with the element of sound. This will immediately prime you to be more communicative about how you’re feeling as well as giving you an energy that will encourage others to be communicative about their feelings as well. Now when you go and cast that spell, you’re not just holding the intention mentally, you’re physically, mentally, and emotionally embodying it. You’re primed to receive absolutely stunning results from your spell.

If this sounds like a way that you would like to approach your magic then you’re in the right place. Each of the following modules addresses a different center and includes exercises to help you connect, understand, and alter your own energy body. Let’s get started!