This energy center is located at the base of the spine, right between your legs. The proximity it shares with your legs is very telling as this center is the root of your stability and grounding. Each of the centers as we progress will relate to higher needs and parts of self but, as physical beings, the concerns of our physical selves come first.

This center relates to both your physical well-being as well as your security and stability in your life. It governs how you feel in your body, whether or not you struggle with basic needs like shelter, food insecurity, physical safety, and also the basic needs of a strong family group (though this family may not actually be your blood relatives).

Now, when you’re approaching the energy centers, it’s important to keep in mind that the energy held in these centers is both affecting our outside world and reacting to it. What this means is that you can use each center to pick up on where you might be struggling in your life (a thing many of us have particular difficulty with) and also helping to affect change in these areas of our lives once we have identified problem spots. 

For instance, if you’re feeling an imbalance in the first center but you don’t at first see what could be causing it, you might be able to dig deeper into the matter and find that despite having been apart from your blood relatives for some time, the way they mistreated you might have led you to subconsciously build a wall around yourself and protect yourself from the people in your life who would happily become your new family and support system. Now you’ve identified the problem. In order to solve the problem, you might cast a spell to make yourself open to an abundance of loving familial people and at the same time adjust the energy of the first center to hold onto an elemental energy of water to bring more flow and emotional openness into that part of your life.

This is also the center that you use to ground yourself. When performing any grounding exercise you should place your focus on this area of your energy body. If you’re doing an exercise that involves growing energetic roots into the ground, imagine the roots coming from this place. If you’re walking barefoot, imagine the energy exchange flowing through your legs from this center, to the earth, and back. If you ground simply by eating a meal, know that by taking care of your physical self you are nourishing this center.

When this center is misaligned and unhealthy, it can result in a number of symptoms. Being negative or cynical all the time is one of the easiest to spot but it can also show up as holding onto false illusions about your life, feelings of insecurity and anxiety, greed, a constant need to accumulate more, and problems surrounding food including eating disorders. There are multiple ways for an energy center to be misaligned, it can be either underactive and not functioning as a part of the whole or it can be overactive and dominate the other parts of your energy system. The symptoms present will depend on which way the energy center is leaning and why.

As with all things, the balance between the energy systems is delicate and constantly shifting. This is not a bad thing! Depending on where you are in your life, it can be incredibly useful to occasionally be dominant in one center over the others, this does not always result in symptoms of misalignment as long as the energy center is expressed properly and healthily in your daily life.

For example, perhaps you have a time in your life when your career becomes your focus. You’re pursuing your goals wholeheartedly, giving your all to reach your goals. At this time, the third center (which relates to career goals) may be dominant over the others. This is not a bad thing as long as you don’t maintain this unbalance indefinitely. Use it to achieve your goals and then gently move back into a more balanced state.

When it comes to spellwork, this center is best used for things that relate to the physical body, family, and your basic needs. Any time you work magic relating to these subjects, try to pull the energy for your spell from this center and also be sure to give the center some extra attention to help it properly fuel and direct your magic.

One way to do this is with breathing exercises. The following exercise can be used with any of the centers, in order to adjust it for each center you simply need to focus on the area of the body where it’s located and the optimal expression of that center. For the security center, this means focusing on a feeling of safety, physical comfort and health, connection with friends and family, and total security from things that would threaten your wellbeing.


Awaken The Energy Center Breathing Exercise

Begin by finding a comfortable position, you can do this sitting or laying down, you can even perform this while walking if you like. Focus your attention on the center you want to enhance, breathe in deeply (but don’t strain) and feel the energy of your breath traveling into this center. As energy flows into this center, imagine or feel it begin to light up or grow warm. Infuse it with energy and help to brighten it when you breathe in. On your exhale, allow any excess energy to flow out of you, carrying any blockages or imbalances with it. When you get comfortable with this in and out energy exchange, it’s time to focus on the optimal expression of this center. You can do this in many different ways, by using a mantra you write, by calling up emotions that come with that optimal expression, by thinking about a time in your past when you’ve experienced that center at its best, even by doing a bit of daydreaming about what your life would look like if this center was functioning ideally.

Mantra for the security center: I have all that I need and there is nothing to fear.