To prepare for this ritual: 

  • Perform the following techniques outside if possible, sitting directly on the earth.
  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.
  • Lie down or sit with your knees above your hips. Because Center 1 is located at the base of the spine, you must get a sense of this area mentally and physically, and relax it in order to pull from this Center during spellwork. The spine is naturally in the shape of an S. By pulling your knees up and above your hips, you curl your spine into a loose C instead, thus relieving pressure. Don’t arch your back inward. This should be a natural position without straining.
  • Concentrate on your breathing. This will slow the heart rate and calm your system. Breathe in while counting to 4, hold for 4 counts, then exhale while counting to 4. Easy to remember and as you relax, you’ll no longer have to count it out.
  • With your knees up, flex the muscles in your left foot and hold for 10 seconds, then relax and flex the muscles in your right foot. Hold for 10 seconds and then relax. Continue up your body, flexing your muscle groups in a left to right fashion and holding for 10 seconds each time.
  • Finally, place your finger at the bottom of your spine and press gently. When you need to pull from this Center, having a physical memory of exactly where it’s located will help you focus on it with ease.


Grounding Ritual

You will need:

  • The Page of Pentacles tarot card
  • Pine cones 
  • Incense of your choice
  • Songs with drumming
  • Three green candles

After preparing Center 1, set up your music and hit play. Place the pine cones in a wide circle around you. Light your incense. Place the three green candles at the top of the circle (inside) and light them, then sit within the circle facing the candles. Place the Page of Pentacles in front of the candles or hold this card if you prefer. Close your eyes and pull your knees up above your hips. Press one finger to the base of your spine

Using the drum beats, visualize a great, silvery energy originating from this point on your spine. It travels up your back in glowing rhythmic pulses, down your legs to your toes, through your arms and fingers, up to the crown of your head and back again. It becomes a perfect system in your body, following your veins straight to your heart, and it glows the brightest right at the base of your spine where your finger makes contact. When you can feel this silver light everywhere, wrap your arms around your knees and see yourself as a luminous point of light. 

Using the 4-4-4 breathing technique and keeping your eyes closed, imagine you are in the woods. The trees are very tall and the smell of earth is strong in the air. A slight breeze blows through and cools your face. It’s nighttime, but you are glowing so brightly you can see clearly and the trees light up brilliantly as you pass. As you walk, you find a perfectly round clearing and you stop. This clearing belongs only to you and no one can find you here. 

Moving clockwise, you travel around the clearing and as you do, you leave behind a trail of silver light. Once the outer circle is complete, you move inward, connecting the ribbons of light together and creating a web. After each rotation around the clearing, your light fades ever so slightly until you are at the center of the circle and you glow no longer.

Nothing can hurt you here and everything you leave here will safely wait until you return. If there is something you fear, let it touch one of the silver threads of light and watch it sizzle and melt like wax. If there is something you want to protect, place it into the web and light wraps around it in a shining cocoon, shielding it. However you want the web to work for you, it will. It only answers to you. 

In this clearing, you achieve balance. Hold what’s bothering you up to the light and examine it from all angles. With so much light, things become clear. If you have a problem and don’t know what to do, let the web decide. Place the problem against the web and watch what happens. Does the light protect or destroy this problem? Does it change color or brightness? If you are overwhelmed, touch your hand to the web and let it absorb the stress for you. Watch carefully as the threads expand quickly with this new burden and then, very slowly, shrink again as the web regains perfect equilibrium. Here you are honest. Here every problem has an answer. You only have to ask. 

When your work is complete, you walk counterclockwise back around the web starting from the center. When you pass through each ribbon, you begin to glow again, brighter and brighter until you reach the clearing’s point of entry. Whatever you’ve chosen to leave here will stay untouched until you return. Otherwise, the clearing is dark and exactly as you found it. 

Place your finger to the small of your back again and slowly, the pulsing light will grow dimmer and dimmer, unwinding from your fingertips and toes, then your legs and arms until it finally travels down your spine and goes out completely. Remove your hand and open your eyes. 

Whenever you need to realign, find a balance, deal with an issue head on, feel safe in solitude, or retreat, you can return to this secure place and examine your situation at your leisure.