This energy center is located in your belly, just below your navel. It controls passion in all forms, from creativity to sexuality, to emotions, fantasies of all varieties, and self-expression. This makes it one of the most fun centers but also one of the most volatile, it’s easy for this center to be pulled out of whack by modern life.

When this center is misaligned, feelings play the central role. You might struggle with overly intense mood swings or find yourself on the opposite end of the spectrum, feeling numb to the world around you. Feeling stuck in a particular emotion, excessive and unhealthy preoccupation with sex, and overindulgence of all types can also indicate that this center is unhealthy. At its worst, this center can manifest addiction and abuse of pleasure-inducing substances.

This means that this center is ideal for use in spells relating to emotions (other than love). If you’re trying to tone down or tune up your emotional life you should always look to the center of passion first. It’s also excellent for spells dealing with creativity, art, lust, and sexuality. Use of magic in addiction recovery is possible but please keep in mind that this must coincide with mundane methods of treatment and recovery programs as well. 

To get you in touch with this part of your energy system, moving and really feeling your body and energy as you do so can work wonders. You can do the following exercise while focusing on a single energy center if you like (this will work for any of them although I particularly love it for this one), or you can simply move and feel and when you’re done, lie down and then focus on your energy centers and see how they feel to you.


Wild Movement

This exercise is one of my favorites, I use it before doing any kind of sex magic and often, I’ll use it before other rituals as well. Sometimes I’ve even been known to give this practice a whirl before going to a stressful event or when I’m feeling like my mood or energy is “off”. It not only helps to shake free excess energy and clear blockages but also can help you get a solid sense of where you’re at emotionally and mentally. The quality and tone of this exercise can vary hugely from one day to the next, if you can, try to observe these changes and what they indicate about your current state of being. The important part is getting out of your head and letting your body guide you. Simply observe where it takes you.

You’ll need to choose some music to set this exercise to, I generally use something with a good beat that makes me feel like moving but whether that’s hip-hop, African drum music, or something else entirely is a matter of personal preference. Do what feels good for YOU. Choose the music that works best for you. Keep in mind, the song that works one day may not work well for you the next, pay attention to how willingly your body moves to the music you’ve chosen and if it’s not quite right, don’t hesitate to change it.

Actually practicing this wild movement is quite simple. You put on your music and you MOVE. It doesn’t matter how. You can dance, or do yoga, or simply shake out your whole body. Just move in a way that feels right for your body. Often my wild movement will take me onto the floor, moving between dance and slow yogic stretching as the music changes. Follow the flow of the music and don’t let your brain get too much in the way worrying about how you look or what you’re going to do next.

The goal here is to get really into your body and out of your head. Your head is a lovely and intelligent thing but it’s rather attached to being in control and that overly controlled nature has a tendency to put a halt to the kind of unbridled energy we want to learn to use in our magic.

If you finish the first song and you’re still finding that your wild movement is still too based in your thinking mind instead of in your body, find another song and keep going. Eventually, the goal is to reach an almost meditative state of mind. You want to achieve internal silence, all thinking and judging put aside momentarily so that you can simply witness. You want to reach a place where you can observe your body and your movement and not only watch and experience all of this movement without judgment but learn to really feel the pleasure that your body takes in being allowed to MOVE without restraint or reason. Our bodies are designed to move! They love being able to move and if you get your thinking mind out of the way your body will show exactly how it wants to move.

When you finish your wild movement, take a moment to be still. Sit cross-legged or take a child's pose and feel the difference this movement has made in your body. Do you feel lighter? Like you have more space in your body? Do you feel any changes in your mood? Are you maybe a little breathless? Take a few deep breaths and enjoy these changes.

Mantra for the passion center: I am a passionate, joyful being. I allow myself to feel in every sense of the word.