To prepare for this spell:

• Sit cross-legged on a comfortable surface, like your bed or a yoga mat


Moderation Spell

Indulgence is one of the best things in life. However, when indulgence becomes excess, major problems arise in one’s life. When you start to feel that something has gotten the better of you, it’s time to take a step back and find balance again before you find yourself in trouble. 

This spell is meant to aid those dealing with issues like overspending, overeating, nonproductive fixations, and other unhealthy but non-life threatening situations. If you are struggling with a more serious addiction, please seek professional advice ASAP. 

You will need:

  • Passionflower, dry herb
  • Clear quartz
  • The Magician tarot card
  • The Temperance tarot card
  • Grey candle
  • White candle
  • Black candle 
  • A small bowl of sand 
  • A small bowl of water

After preparing for Center 2, arrange your candles in front of you; white to the left, black to the right, and grey in the middle. Sprinkle the passionflower in a triangle shape around the candles, with the point facing away from you, then light the candles. The bowl of sand should go in front of the candles, outside the triangle, with the quartz nestled within the sand. 

Recite these words:

"I’m on a path I shouldn’t be

I’m a desert without rain

Now change my direction

Before pleasure becomes pain"

Pull from Center 2 by placing your hands on your lower stomach and imagining all the energy and power you will need for this spell building in this part of your body. Take a few deep breaths to fuel this energy, then with each hand place your two tarot cards in front of you at the same time. Light the grey candle using both the black and white candle flames.

Recite these words while slowly adding the water to the bowl of sand:

"I know where I am weak

In the palace of excess

To move forward, I step back

And now wiser, I progress"

Gather all the passionflower up and add it to the water and sand. Using your finger, gently stir this mixture together, then sprinkle a little of the water over the black and white candles to put them out. Remove them completely from the area. When the water is still, take the quartz out of the bowl and place it between the tarot cards. Again, pull energy from Center 2 and direct this energy toward the quartz, thinking of your intention to restore balance to your life and regain control over the situation. 

Take the tarot cards and fan the grey candle’s flame three times before blowing it out, then hold the quartz in the candle’s smoke until it has totally dispersed. Dispose of the water, sand, and passionflower outside under a plant or tree that’s been around for a long time and has no trouble growing. Carry the quartz, now charged with your intention, with you as a talisman for moderation and restraint when you feel tempted to overindulge.