This center is a hugely important one, it governs so many parts of our identity and life. This center is located in the solar plexus, the divot under your sternum between the sides of your rib cage. This center governs all things relating to your personal identity and power, from how you make decisions, to how you handle responsibility, your ambitions, confidence, willpower, and your level and comfort with independence. Frequently, this center is assumed to be related to one’s professional life, and it does relate to that, but this center’s reach extends far beyond that. Everything from your hobbies, to your self-image and comfort with your identity, to how you allow yourself to be treated by other people can all be traced back to this center.

In misalignment, this center wreaks havoc on your life and your confidence. You may trend toward being a bit of a control freak, easy to frustration and regularly manipulative or you might swing the opposite way and find yourself being a bit of a doormat. If you feel directionless, helpless, or like you have no control over your life, this is the center to focus on. You might also find that with minor misalignment, you have a direction and can make plans no problem but actually completing these plans becomes a struggle. If you’re a chronic project abandoner, this is a good center for you to focus on.

In spellwork, this center is fairly diverse. Since it relates to willpower, it is directly tied to our magic and our ability to set intentions. When you want to do magic on the fly using only intention, drawing from this center can be a very powerful tool. Job spells, spells relating to travel, motivation spells, and any spell that has to do with your confidence and personal identity will benefit from the activation of this center.

When it comes to incorporating the centers into spells themselves, it can be hard to know how to start. Especially for people who are newer to this kind of work the centers can feel pretty vague. The following exercise is a great way to activate and incorporate any energy center into a spell.


Drawing On The Energy Center

Begin by sitting comfortably in front of your altar or working space. Activate the energy center you want to draw on with the breathing or movement exercises in the previous two sections. This activation is very important, without properly paying attention to and activating the center it will be much more difficult, and at times impossible, to pull energy through the center. When you use an energy center in magic, you are not actually pulling energy only from that center. Instead, you’re using the center as a kind of tuning mechanism, pulling your energy from other areas of the body, through the center and then directing it into your spellwork. In order to do this, the center must be active and open. Taking the time to breathe or move more energy into your energy center helps to ensure that the majority of your energy doesn’t bypass a sluggish energy center.

When you feel like your energy center is properly activated, begin to move your energy through the center and into other areas of your body. If you’ve never done any kind of energy work before, all you’re doing is using your imagination. Energy follows thought so if you direct your thoughts with your imagination then the energy will follow suit. Try not to dwell too much on whether or not you’re feeling anything or if you’re doing it right. Just trust that the energy will move in the way you direct it to. Draw the energy through your body toward your arms, let this charged energy from the center you’ve chosen flow down your arms and into your hands. This energy can now be funneled into tools, candles, amulets, sigils, whatever you like! 

Mantra for the personal power center: I am open to the fullness of my power. The life I want to manifest is at my fingertips.