To prepare for this spell:

  • Ball your hands into fists and place them in the middle of your torso, under your sternum where your rib cage meets and gently press. This is the location of Center 3 and it is from this point you will draw energy for spells relating to personal power. Take a deep breath and release until you can move your hands away and mentally visualize this location perfectly.
  • Write down a list of the things you want to do, or your goals, and the reasons you aren’t accomplishing them. Word them in a specific way: "I want to accomplish _____ but _____.”


Motivation Spell

You will need:

  • A red candle, bigger is better
  • A red string or cord, long
  • Cedar incense
  • High John the Conqueror root 
  • Chamomile powder
  • One citrine crystal
  • Your list of goals 
  • A pen
  • Fireproof bowl or plate as well as a fireproof surface
  • A small sachet pouch, yellow

This spell is best performed in the sun, either outside or in front of a window as long as it’s warm and in direct sunlight. 

To begin, light your incense and with the red string, form a large circle (big enough for you to sit inside). Light the candle and place your list of goals in front of you. Step inside the circle and repeat your Center 3 preparation, but this time hold the High John in one hand and the citrine in the other when you press your fists under your sternum (gently — you only need to get a sense of the area, not give yourself the Heimlich. There should be no pain inflicted whatsoever). Draw from this Center, breathing deeply until you can feel the power pool in this area. When you feel confident in this power, direct it forcefully at your list of goals. 

Now place the citrine and High John on either side of your list, and, still drawing from Center 3, thoroughly go through each item on your list. For every excuse you wrote down, counter with a logical rebuttal. If it helps you to be objective, imagine that a good friend has given you this list and you are responsible for making sure they see reason instead of unproductive negativity that stops them from moving forward. Be mindful to leave out obligation words like “should” “have to” or “must,” etc. and instead think why you want these goals. Write down each rebuttal and cross out each excuse. Say your goals aloud and the arguments to the excuses. Repeat this process until you’ve memorized your new goal list and all the reasons why you CAN achieve them.

Fold this list in half and create a sigil on it with a simple line of intent: “I achieve my goals.” 

Place the citrine within the folded list and fold it again until you have a little envelope around the stone. Use the red candle’s flame to activate the sigil — citrine and list included. Do not try and hold the folded sigil while it burns; place it on the fireproof plate and activate it there. Sprinkle chamomile powder into the sigil’s fire. 

As the paper burns away and your sigil is released, your citrine will slowly be revealed in the ashes. It may be a little damaged, but that’s all part of the process. Success in achieving your goals will require some sacrifice and carrying the citrine with you will be a reminder of that. People say it all the time, but it’s true: Nothing worth having comes easy. 

Save the ashes from this sigil and place it in your yellow sachet, along with the citrine and a piece of High John root. Pick up the red cord and cut it, then tie half of the cord around the top of the pouch until it’s closed securely. Tie the other half around your wrist. Extinguish your candle. 

Spell maintenance: This motivational spell can be repeated if you feel you need it, however, I suggest using a simple method of reaffirming this spell daily by listing all the things you have accomplished whenever you look down and see the red cord on your wrist. Even if it’s something simple like exercising or remembering to renew your library books — give yourself credit! We tend to put a lot of emphasis on the things we think we can’t do and give no thought to the everyday things we don’t think of as very important. If you can get into the habit of thinking of yourself as responsible and completely capable of taking care of business, goals that you see as impossible suddenly aren’t. The citrine and High John the Conqueror root will be excellent talismans to help you feel motivated, but you must remember also to shift your thought process so you don’t get in your own way, draw strength from your Center of Personal Power when you feel you need to, and visualize yourself reaching success.