The center of love is one of those centers that people either adore or hate. It can be a source of deep inspiration or incredible pain depending on how it’s aligned so learning to properly align this center and use it to the best of your ability in magic is paramount. 

This center is located just behind your sternum, in your chest. It deals with love of all kinds, relationships, your ability to be empathetic and compassionate, forgiveness, personal transformation, and self-awareness. I wasn’t kidding when I said this was a heavy one! 

Misalignment in this center is incredibly common. It tends to show itself as jealousy or codependence, defensiveness, always feeling victimized, being unable to forgive, and isolating yourself. This is the center that allows us to relate to each other, because of this it’s often a very vulnerable point in our energy. It’s constantly coming into contact with other energies and can easily be pulled out of sync by a person who has their own love center out of sorts. This can lead to lots of pain or, in the case of people who have endured the same problem repeatedly, shutting down this center in order to protect it. Neither is a good solution!

Instead, this is a good center to focus on rebalancing any time you’re feeling off-kilter in your relationships. Instead of pulling away or chasing someone, simply sit with yourself and really LOVE that part of yourself that is vulnerable, and compassionate, and loving.

In spellwork, this center is pretty straightforward. It’s all about love! When you’re casting spells to fix problems in relationships, to be more understanding for those you love, to attract new love, or to love yourself more, get this center involved. This is also an excellent center to use to adjust your state of being in tough situations. In the middle of a fight, opening up this center and trying to see through eyes of compassion can completely flip the script on an argument.

The next exercise is a method of changing the quality of a center. Instead of allowing it to hold whatever default energy that happens to be there now, you can bring qualities and effects into a particular center to help you embody those qualities in that particular area of your life. This is not something to do lightly! Changing the quality of your centers can have a huge impact on your life so make sure you’re choosing the center and the energy that you’re trying to adjust carefully based on the results you would like.


Adjusting the Quality of a Center

This is a meditation but it does not need to be a sitting meditation if that doesn’t work for you. Walk, listen to music, incorporate this into your day to day life, do what works for you.

The first thing you need to do is choose the center that you want to work with and the energy that you’re going to switch to. For the heart center, in the western world, the predominant energy that people hold is air. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it can make people flighty and prone to overthinking their relationships! You might benefit from more stability in your love life (earth energy), more emotional attunement (water energy), or better communication (sound energy). At the bottom of this exercise, you can find a list of energies that you might consider and what qualities they bring.

Take a moment to focus on the energy center you’re going to be working on today. Using a breathing exercise or Wild Movement to tune in to your energy at this point can be helpful but isn’t completely necessary. When you have a good feel for the energy that is there right now, try to identify it. You may be able to sense a particular energy quality or you may not, either way is fine. When you’re ready, begin to imagine that this energy center is starting to change. Perhaps it starts as a little shimmer around the edges, a change in color, a difference in how the energy moves. Begin to guide it into looking, sounding, or feeling like the new energy you want to impart. This process will be different for everyone! You may sense energy in sound, color, movement, smells, images, or a number of other ways. Go with what feels right for you and trust the process.

Keep an eye out for any thoughts and feelings that crop up in this process. You may find resistance, ideas, or feelings that you didn’t realize you were ignoring, or moments of clarity as the shift is happening. Do not force this process! If a center refuses to change, take that as a sign that there’s something deeper that you need to work on before you can alter the center in this way. Take your time to journal about this process, dig into what might be causing your resistance and see where you’re really at energetically. This is NOT the time to strongarm anything into doing what you want. Sometimes your energy body is actually saving you from making a very bad decision with how you want your energy aligned!

Repeat this process as needed. You may find that the energy center has a tendency to slip back toward the energy it was holding before so you may need to repeat this process daily, weekly, or monthly in order to maintain the shift.

Energy Qualities:

  • Water - emotional, flowing, cool, powerful
  • Earth - stable, unmoving, growth-oriented
  • Fire - creative, ambitious, forward focused, destructive
  • Air - thinking, changeable, ungrounded, adaptable
  • Sound - communication, listening, feeing married with thinking
  • Color energies - varies based on the color
  • Light - purity, hope, openness, extraversion
  • Dark - quiet, transformation, introversion
  • Plant energy - varies based on the plant (helps to have the plant on hand)
  • Crystal energy - varies based on the crystal (helps to have the crystal on hand)
  • And lots more!


Mantra for the love center: I listen to my heart and I foster my connections with the hearts of others.