To prepare for this spell: 

  • Ball your hand into a fist and vigorously rub your sternum with your knuckles. This is a very sensitive area so light pressure will suffice. This technique is used to provoke alertness and will help physically awaken Center 4.
  • Wear a top that will allow you to touch your sternum, skin to skin.


Forgiveness Spell

You will need:

  • Death tarot card
  • Judgment tarot card
  • The World tarot card
  • Nine of Wands tarot card
  • Eight of Cups tarot card
  • Six of Swords tarot card
  • Six white candles
  • A photograph of the person you’re forgiving or an artifact of theirs
  • Any music that empowers you
  • A bowl of ice water

You don’t forgive other people for them, you do it for yourself. When you hold onto bitterness, resentment, and anger, it festers like a rot on your soul. If that wasn’t enough, not letting go gives whoever hurt you an extraordinary amount of power of you, essentially allowing them to hurt you over and over again. When you forgive, you neutralize the pain inflicted on you by saying that it doesn’t affect you anymore. It’s not nothing, but it’s forgiven. Remember, it’s not about them. This is about taking care of yourself and cutting this rot out. 

Set up your candles in a triangle and place a tarot card in front of each one. Their order of arrangement makes no difference. In the center of the triangle, place your photograph or artifact, caging it there. Do not let your eyes linger on this photo, do not speak to it, do not even think about the person. We are not dwelling on the past today — we’re performing an excision. 

Light your candles and sit before the triangle. Turn on your music, close your eyes, and focus on Center 4. Place your index finger and your thumb together against your sternum and imagine dark grey smoke gathering under your skin at this point of contact. This smoke is very hot and it has an acrid smell — like burning hair. It was invisible before, but you can see now that it turned the inside of your chest an ashy grey. 

As this smoke cloud gets bigger and bigger in your chest, take a deep breath and visualize the cloud blossoming to its full size and suddenly going pitch black. Now, exhale slowly and as you do, pull your hand away from your chest, “pinching” the cloud and pulling it out in a thick, wet thread. There is no resistance and the smoke leaves no traces behind. 

When your exhalation is complete and you’ve removed all the dirty smoke from Center 4, take a few more deep, cleansing breaths. When you’re ready, flip the photograph or artifact over. One by one, place your power suit of tarot cards on the photograph or artifact with force, burying it. Hold your hands in the ice water for a few seconds, then place them to your chest, healing and cooling Center 4. 

Recite these words:

"Love can blind, but now I see

It wasn’t you, I am the key

Whatever cage you hold over me

I unlock the door and I walk free"

Blow out all the candles like you would if they were on top of a birthday cake. Destroy the photograph or artifact and throw it away.