The real purpose of this energy center is truth. It rests just behind the hollow of your throat. This center governs all things to do with communication both verbal and non-verbal, self-expression, personal truth, turning your plans into reality, and discovering your life purpose. This is an amazing center to work with anytime you’re feeling lost or like you’re out of sync with your true self. While it’s an excellent center for learning how to show your truth to other people, it is also responsible for helping you to discover new truths about yourself as well. 

When this center is misaligned you will struggle with communication. Whether you speak too much, give away secrets, or find it hard to control what comes out of your mouth or you speak too little and allow yourself to be constantly talked over, this center will throw your ability to communicate out of whack. Being incapable of speaking up, having a very quiet voice, and lying are also good indicators that this center is out of sorts. You may also find yourself with problems listening to others if this center is misaligned. In cases of serious misalignment, you may find yourself completely disconnected from your purpose in life, either following a path that does not match your purpose or having no idea what your true path should be.

In spellwork, this center is good for all forms of communication. Spells to do with asking for raises, soothing arguments with loves, being a more attentive listener, or creating your dreams into reality are best served by this center. This is also a center that relates deeply to shadow work, if you’re digging into your shadow and working on your own darkness this center can help to illuminate truths about yourself that you’re avoiding or having trouble seeing. This can be very powerful work but it’s not for the faint of heart! I firmly believe that all witches should pursue shadow work at some point but I also believe that there is a time and a place for such things.

This is also a good center for being able to communicate with higher realms. Whether you’re working with spirits or divination opening and incorporating this center can help you both hear the messages you seek and properly send the messages that you wish to be heard by those on the other side.


Speaking Your Truth

The best way to work with this center is to speak! The exercise I’m providing here works best if recorded so use a phone or a webcam to record this whole process so that you can go back after the fact and listen to yourself! (Seriously, don’t skip this part. This center deals with both speaking AND listening!) This exercise also works for other centers as well so if you’re having a hard time feeling what’s going on in your energy centers this can be an excellent way to get a good read on them.

Turn on your recording device. If you’re using a webcam you do not have to be visible on screen, you just need to be able to hear yourself speaking. Take a few moments to open up your center with breathing or Wild Movement, you may want to spend a little more time on this if you’re a particularly shy or timid speaker.

Now it’s time to talk! Focus on the energy center you’re working on as you talk and try not to censor yourself. Let the words flow without trying to make them sound “correct”, if you don’t make full sentences or if it doesn’t make sense that’s ok. The subject you focus on doesn’t necessarily matter but below I’ve included questions to use as prompts for each of the centers if you need something to get you started. Anytime you get stuck, circle back around to the phrase, “Right now I’m feeling…” to get you back in the moment and feeling over thinking. Continue this for as long as you can. I recommend starting with at least 10 minutes but if that feels like way too much aim for 5. You can always keep talking when your timer goes off if you’re really on a roll!

When you’re done, end the recording and lie or sit comfortably for a moment. Close your eyes and notice how you feel after everything you’ve said. Do you feel good? Bad? Confused? Maybe you feel like a weight has been lifted? Feel free to journal about these feelings and your experience as you like.

At some point, preferably within the same day but it doesn’t need to be immediately, sit down and listen to your recording. Really work on listening without judgment! Listen to yourself speak your truth and accept yourself for who you were in that moment and who you are now. Feel free to pause the recording and write down any insights you had in your journal as needed.

Prompts for each center

Center 1: Where do I feel ungrounded today?

Center 2: Are my passions running hot or am I feeling numb? Why?

Center 3: Have I been living from my personal power lately or do I feel powerless?

Center 4: Have I been allowing myself to be open emotionally? Where have I been withholding my feelings?

Center 5: Is there an area of my life where I've been withholding my truth from myself or others? Why?

Center 6: Do I feel connected to my sense of inner knowing?

Center 7: Do I feel connected spiritually to the world around me? What is holding me back from this connection?

Center 8: Do I feel a connection with the divine (in any form). Why or why not?

Mantra for the communication center: I listen with my full attention, choose my words carefully, and express my truth fearlessly.