The center of intuition is every psychic’s best friend. It’s located in the center of the forehead, just above the eyebrows. This center relates to vision of all kinds, both physical sight, and the second sight. This is the center where you connect with your intuition, express your psychic abilities, sense energy, receive insights, wisdom, and inspiration, and access states of altered consciousness like meditation and astral travel.

When this center is misaligned you may find yourself feeling stuck at the mundane level. You can’t access magic or psychic input, you have no “vision” for your future, and you may feel bogged down in day to day minutia. On the flip side, if this center is over-dominant you may find yourself with your head stuck in the clouds, excessive fantasies, and constant daydreaming might take over your life. Complete rejection of all things spiritual may speak to an imbalance in this center as well as a lack of clarity about yourself and the world around you. This center and the center of communication are closely related! Often when one is misaligned, the other will be as well.

In spellwork, this center is a huge help! All forms of divination, spirit work, astral travel, meditation, and expanding your senses are great for work with this center. It’s important to realize that being overly dominant on this center is still a bad thing! Many witches get very excited about this center and immediately try to move all of their energy through this place and as a result, they become totally ungrounded. As nice as it may sound to be completely in touch with your intuition and magic at all times it is NOT necessarily good for you! Balance this center with the others and you will have far better results than if you lose yourself in an endless rabbit hole of psychic input.

Working directly with this center can be tricky simply because there are SO many ways to tap into it! In the next exercise, we’re going to approach this from a purely energy work standpoint to really help wake up this center and get it in gear. If this is too much for you right now, that’s ok! You’re more than welcome to use any of the previous exercises for this center until you’re more comfortable with using energy work without accompaniment. This exercise is similar to what we did in the Adjusting Your Energy Center exercise but it’s less focused on actually altering the center as it is focused on waking the center up and connecting it with the other centers for maximum impact in your spellwork. As with all of these exercises, this technique can also be altered for use with any of the other centers as well and this can be a great way to subtly work on your energy body while you’re in public place, waiting somewhere, or simply trying to relax a bit in your day to day life.


Opening the Energy Body

You can perform this sitting, lying down, or walking. Take at least three slow, deep breaths, focusing on drawing air deep into your lungs and feeling your body wake up as you provide it with more oxygen. When you’re ready, bring your focus to the center that you want to bring back into balance. Breathe deep, imagining yourself breathing energy into your body and filling this center. As you continue to draw this energy in, see or feel your energy begin to pulsate with light and warmth, growing brighter with each inhale and slightly dimmer with each exhale. Do this until you’re comfortable with it. if the energy center you’re working with is very dominant you should shorten the amount of time you do this and focus mostly on the next step!

When the energy center is awake, begin to imagine a strand of energy extending from this center to the lowest possible center. (Ex. if you’re working on the 6th center connect it to the 1st, if you’re working on the 1st center connect it to the 2nd, etc.) imagine this strand of energy becoming a full circle, flowing up the front of your body and down the back of your body as it passes between the energy centers you’ve connected. Feel the energy between these centers equalize and come into balance.

When these two centers are balanced, switch to the next center up your spine. (Ex. connect the 6th center to the 2nd center, or the 1st center to the 3rd.) Repeat the same process as before, breathing a strand of energy into a loop that connects the two centers. Continue working this way up the column of centers until you have connected the center you’re working on with every other major energy center. When you’re finished, take three more deep breaths and just feel your body and energy. 

This exercise can also be used to combine the energy of two centers for use in spellwork. Instead of connecting all of the centers, wake up the two that you wish to work with and then focus on connecting only those two before proceeding onto your spell.

Mantra for the intuition center: I am open to the wisdom that dwells within me.