To prepare for this exercise: 

  • Take a warm bath or shower and relax without interruption.
  • Listen to music that invokes powerful visuals for you.
  • Eat a balanced meal and drink lots of water.


Dream Intuition Exercise

You will need:

  • At least one Buckeye
  • Sachet containing mugwort and dried hibiscus
  • White chalk
  • Journal

After you have finished preparing and you’re calm and comfortable, crawl into bed and draw an oval on your wall above your pillow with the chalk. If you don’t want to draw on your wall, draw the oval on a piece of dark, heavyweight paper and tack it to the wall. 

Place the sachet of hibiscus/mugwort and buckeye into your pillowcase. Before going to sleep, think clearly on your goal. What do you want to know? What do you need clarity on? You don’t need to spend too much time meditating on this; your mind will naturally wander before you fall asleep and trying too hard to control your thoughts will defeat the purpose of this exercise. 

In the morning, immediately after waking, jot down everything in your dreams that you can remember — every single detail. You don’t have to remember what the dream was about, but feelings are important. What emotions are attached to the dreams? Write down everything. Then edit your oval drawing so it looks like an open eye. 

When you’ve finished, remove the sachet and buckeye, and set them on top of your pillow. Gather your notebook, and concentrate on what you wanted clarity on. Draw energy to Center 6, either by mentally focusing, or actually touching the point between and slightly above your eyebrows. Walk back through what you can remember of your dream and whatever draws your attention, pay special attention to. What do these images mean to you in terms of your question? What other images or emotions do they invoke? Intuition is not an exact science and much of what you dream won’t have obvious relevance to your question at first, which is why it is crucial that you focus instead on what the dream makes you feel. In the beginning, keep it simple. Are the emotions positive or negative? Yes or no? What are your gut reactions? Learning to interpret these emotions takes time, and as you become more skilled at listening to your intuition, more detailed answers will come. 

Some people can’t remember their dreams whatsoever and that’s okay! Dream recall, like most things, takes practice, and you can use this exercise to get better at it. Eating spicy or especially sour foods, like pickles, can help with this by making your dreams more vivid and provide more memorable images. Mugwort will also help so continue to sleep with the mugwort in your pillow and carry the Buckeye with you. Don’t discount anything, learn to trust your first reactions, set clear questions, and remember to keep your dream journal updated.