While the 6th center is a center of spiritual discovery, this center is one of spiritual oneness. It’s located at the crown, right up at the top of the head and is the only center that is only partially contained within the body. The center itself extends both into and above the head, creating a two-inch orb sitting half in and half out of the crown. This placement is not an accident! The center of consciousness connects your human self to the spiritual pulse of the universe. 

This part of the energy body relates to awareness of the self within the context of the whole, time, wisdom, connection with the spiritual self, release from limitations, selflessness, spiritual bliss, transcendence, and being present in the current moment. This is another energetic center that is tempting to over-rely on! These traits are excellent but remember, being in the clouds all the time is not good for you. We are spiritual beings who have become human for a reason, continuously trying to separate yourself from your human-ness to live only in the spiritual is only fighting against the experience you came here to have!

Recognizing misalignment in this center can be tricky, in some cases it can manifest as cynicism toward all things spiritual but more often it shows up as a sort of “junk food” spirituality. Junk food spirituality is a state of being where all of the spiritual states that are pursued by a person are pursued for the wrong reason. This is incredibly common today! The pursuit of egolessness (which is not a healthy goal!), exotic experiences, and gratuitous use of drugs for spiritual purposes all fall into this category. Contrary to common belief, chasing the lack of ego is extremely dangerous. While it can be good to know how to step beyond the ego on occasion, being without ego can lead to a complete breakdown of self. Many severe mental illnesses are connected to a fragmented ego that leads a very unstable sense of self, leading people into a constant fluctuation that erodes their base in reality. This is the opposite of spiritual enlightenment! Remember, this center is both within AND without the body because both halves of the self must be tended to and cared for.

In spellwork, this center is wonderful for progressing your personal spiritual growth, finding a sense of inner peace, releasing yourself from beliefs that are blocking you from becoming your most fully realized self, and time magic. This is also another wonderful center for shadow work, particularly at the end of a round of shadow work after you have dug up the section of your shadow that you’re working with and are ready to begin the process of transforming and healing yourself.

This center is actually best served not by serious action, but by stillness. Instead of giving you an exercise for connecting deeper with this center, I would encourage you to take time to sit in stillness with the world. You can do this as traditional meditation, where you clear your mind and try to achieve a state of thoughtlessness but I prefer to go somewhere beautiful, like a park, and simply sit. Get comfortable, take a deep breath, and just be. Observe the world around you without judgment, observe your own feelings without judgment, and just sit and experience the world and yourself. If your mind starts to wander that’s ok, try to curb any wandering thoughts but don’t worry if you’re not perfect at it. This is just a chance to be and feel yourself as an interconnected part of the universe you live in. 

Mantra for the consciousness center: I am connected.