To prepare for this spell:

  • Massage the top of your head and close your eyes. Try to clear your mind by repeating a mantra or listening to music. Focusing on Center 7 should be done in a neutral and relaxed state.


Mastering Intention

You will need: 

  • A quiet workspace

Making sure all seven Centers are in balance with each other will help spellwork tremendously, as will knowing which Center to pull from and when. For this spell, no physical tools are required because at the end of the day, no tools are truly necessary to work spells. Don’t get me wrong, the right tools are incredibly helpful but the magic is in you, not herbs or crystals. This is another reason why the Witch’s Energy System is important to learn. You are your own best conduit for magic and when your energies are in balance, you can be a force to be reckoned with. 

Settle in someplace comfortable and quiet. Focus on what you want to achieve, the ways it could be achieved, and why you want it. Depending on your desired outcome, determine what Centers you need to pull from. Think of them as your tools, ready at will. 

To master intention, you have to be clear and simple. Focus on one thing at a time and make sure that it’s genuinely what you want to happen. This requires practice. In the heat of the moment, after a fight or in a trying situation, the first response can be a defensive one. This isn’t necessarily the best course of action in the long run and once you’ve cooled down, may not even be what you want. Form your intention from a place of calm and look at the situation from all angles before beginning. Then you must commit. 

Now, it’s simply a matter of focus. Close your eyes and think of what you want to happen. Ball your fists, lean forward, speak it out loud — in other words, try in every way to mentally will the outcome you want. See it happening. Again, this should be a peaceful experience, regardless of your intent. Intention isn’t about intensity. 

Over and over again, I hear non-witches talk about intention and visualization, especially in psychology. There’s a reason magic works. When things seem out of your control or you feel powerless, performing a spell is the renewal of hope. Being sure you will fail ensures you fail but… being open to the possibility that you do have the power to change your situation changes everything. Now, instead of something being impossible, it’s only a matter of time before fate swings in your favor. You’ve taken a step forward instead of stagnating. This is all done in the mind, and it’s all perspective. This is the power of intention. When you sit down to do a spell, you take back control. You open a door. You set a clear path forward and either subconsciously or consciously, you now know which direction you need to go. 

Visualization is key. Seeing something happen, willing it to happen, and believing it’s completely possible sets it in motion by gearing your actions toward this goal in day-to-day life. Understanding why you want it underlines this intention. 

Once you’ve perfected intention and learned each Center well enough to pull energy from them at will, you’ll be able to work spells anywhere with minimal prep and equipment— a truly valuable skill.