This center is a hard one to describe in words. This is also the most religious and god-focused of the centers so if you find yourself here as an atheistic witch, please proceed with an open mind but know that you can use only the first 7 centers in this energy system if you do not wish to connect with this one. It's located above the crown of the head, not touching any part of your body. As with the previous center, this positioning is incredibly telling. This center isn’t connected directly with the body or with the mind. Instead, this is where we connect with our soul. This is also the spark of our own divinity, the life that was breathed into us by that divine originator, whether you believe that to be one god, many gods, source energy, etc. 

This center is also a place of timelessness so it’s the center that allows you to access the collective consciousness and your own past lives. It’s the timeless, immortal part of you that has always existed and will always exist, the part that transcends both life and death and is cleaved from the very energy that creates and destroys universes. 

As with the previous centers, over reliance on this center is extremely dangerous. Misalignment of this center results in either a complete rejection of divinity in every form, severe mental trauma, or the spontaneous desire to join cults that will only worsen the condition. People suffering from misalignment of this center live in a state of non-life. They are caught between the world of the living and the world of the dead and are incapable of fully accessing either, it’s an excruciating existence. In order to avoid this state, we must connect deeply both with the body and the physical plane AND with the spiritual and divine selves.

In spellwork, this center is ideal for healing. Because this is your divine spark, your soul, it has the blueprint for perfection programmed right into it. You can use this blueprint and divine energy to assist in many kinds of healing both of yourself and of others (though as always, medical treatment should still come first!). This is also a wonderful center to use if your aim is invisibility, past life work, and connecting on a deeper level with your personal expression of the divine (i.e., your gods).

Mantra for the divine center: I embrace my own divinity and allow it to guide my path.