To prepare for this ritual:

  • Get comfortable and quiet. Turn off all distractions and make sure you can’t be interrupted. This work will take concentration and focus. Even music is not recommended.


The Altar Of Self

You will need:

  • Salt
  • Crystals or stones that have significance to you, ie your grounding stones or personal favorites from your collection
  • At least seven treasured keepsakes
  • Washable writing utensil, like eyeliner, for drawing on your skin
  • A sacrifice (no, not an animal. Perhaps give up the internet for a few days or sacrifice by giving your time to volunteer work)

I see altars as tools for intention, much like crystals or sigils just slightly more intense. However, altars have many other purposes as well. For one, we use them as places of reflection and worship. In this ritual, you will transform yourself into an altar for the purpose of discovering your past lives. This is an exciting endeavor, but one that takes an enormous amount of focus. By acting as the altar itself, you become the conduit of the magic — not traditional tools — thereby strengthening it, and producing more personal, tailored results because it will work directly through you via Center 8. 

For this ritual, cast a circle of salt and create a sigil for protection against spiritual attack. After activation, draw this sigil somewhere on your body. Spaced evenly along the circle, place each of your keepsakes and your favorite stones. This is the altar of you, and so these items should have a strong connection to your past, your emotions, and your personality. 

Offering a sacrifice on an altar is a way to show respect and “pay” for your request, in this case, a window to your past selves. For most altar work, I’ll offer a sacrifice of some sort as a way to bring equilibrium to the magic. You don’t have to necessarily offer this to gods or spirits, it’s just a way to achieve balance. This work has a price, and to receive, you should be willing to give. Now is the time to announce your sacrifice in anyway you wish. After this ritual is the time to follow through with it. 

When everything is set, close your eyes and relax. Don’t begin until you feel completely at ease and ready to witness your past experiences. Touch each of the keepsakes on your circle and think of the time you acquired this token, what it means to you, how it makes you feel, etc. This is to help you reconnect with your core being, whatever it is that makes you, you. The soul can be a nebulous concept and it’s hard to get a grasp on what exactly a soul is, especially if you’ve never sat down and really thought about it. However, these treasured items can be a physical representation of it, because you’ve connected to them in deep ways. Even if it’s something as simple as a movie stub or restaurant receipt, it’s a symbol of who you are because of how you relate to it. So, the first step of this ritual is to revisit your soul in a focused state and get a clearer idea of your core being. These are the talisman of your life, so use them to better understand who you are. 

Once you’ve meditated on each item, keeping your eyes closed, imagine yourself in a round room made of white marble. There are seven, smooth pillars around the room, and high above your head is a massive, crystal dome through which you can see gorgeous, colorful celestial bodies rotating silently in velvety space. Between each pillar is a huge round window, and as you look closely you can see they are magnifying glasses, focusing and unfocusing on different parts of the wide galaxy. In one window, you can see Saturn and in another, a bright blue nebula. Then the glass blurs and focuses on something else. Though you can see no opening, the air here is fresh and smells good. The room is well lit by starlight. 

You are alone in this room and there is no way anyone could reach you here. There are no bills, no responsibilities, no worry, no relationships, no ties at all.

Curiosity drives you forward and you choose a window to look through. Anything you’d like to see appears in this window, anything on Earth or another world, laid out perfectly clear for your examination. This fascinating window can show you the present or, you realize suddenly, the past. You look on kings and queens of the past, giant prehistoric animals, and even further back, to a lifeless world you don’t recognize at all. 

As you become more engrossed, you lean towards the window and press your hand to it. The glass blurs again, then focuses on a year. The numbers flash before your eyes and then a scene emerges. This is a past life. 

What do you see? What does your past self do? What gender are you? How old do you appear to be, and what happens to you? Where do you live? Who are you with? What similarities are there between your past self and your present, if any at all? It may take a moment for these images to fully appear, but be patient. If you want to change years, simply touch the glass again. If you want to see an entirely new past life, simply change windows. 

Spend as much time as you want observing each life. Though there are only seven windows here, there is no limit to how many lives you can see. If you feel unsafe at any time, touch the sigil on your skin and remember nothing can hurt you here. When you are ready to leave, take a deep breath and open your eyes. 

This fascinating work can be cathartic and healing, or just pure enjoyment. The key is finding something to relate to in each of the different lives you see, so you can see you more clearly and reconnect more fully to your core being. Your soul. I recommend journaling about your experience as soon as possible after, forgetting the details in this kind of work is very easy to do.

Enjoy the trip!