How To Heal Your Broken Heart With Magic

A broken heart is a terrible thing, there are very few emotions quite as debilitating. At one point or another, we all find ourselves faced with overcoming this pain and though it may seem hopeless in the midst of it, there is much that we can do as witches to mend and move forward. An important part of healing from emotional pain is truly feeling the emotion and allowing yourself to grieve.

The aim of this spell is to give you the space you to do just that while setting the intention to heal and move past your pain.

You Will Need:

  • A Beet
  • A slip of Paper
  • A pen or pencil
  • Carving tool

Wash the beet and remove any of the greens so you’re left with just the root portion. Prepare for the spell in whatever way suits you, cleanse the room and yourself, cast a circle, light some candles, etc. You may want to put down some towels or perform this spell outside to avoid staining your floors with beet juice. This spell is best performed when you have a good amount of time to yourself.

The beet is going to represent your heart. Take the beet in your hands and draw up the pain and grief you’ve been feeling, any expression of emotion is ok. Inflict all of the pain you feel onto the beet. Cut it, stab it, burn it, yell at it, cry with it, pour all of your heartache into it. 

When you’ve completely exhausted your emotional reserves take the strip of paper and write an intention to heal on it.

Ex. My heart endures, healing and growing stronger for it’s trials. I am open to love from within myself and from others.

Empower the paper with your words. Create a small hole in the core of the beet, roll the paper up tightly and place it in the hole. Make sure that the hole is deep enough to fit the paper in completely, you shouldn’t be able to pull the paper back out easily.

Now take the beet and bury it. As the beet decomposes and the earth reclaims it your heartache and grief will also dissipate. The intention you set will guide the vibrational change that the spell instigates allowing you to heal as your pain lessens.

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  1. I really like the idea of the beat being a symbol of the heart, really more the human condition than anything. I have been wounded in love as much as being wounded in hate. I think the real test of intention lays in balance and the journey we take to get there.

  2. You are very wise Avery. I gain so much insight into myself and others by reading your words. I am happy I joined. There are lots of groups and I chose yours because it brings out the best of the witch in me.
    Thank you for all of the new thoughts.

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