Calling On The Full Moon When Life Is Painful

How has your life been lately? I mean really, please stop and think about that for a moment because from what I’ve seen of the past few weeks the world is in a state of personal upheaval. Everyone I know is suffering through breakups, deaths, a mountain of work a mile high, illnesses, money troubles or some other life pain. I know I’ve certainly been feeling the pressure from the world pretty heavily and I could use a little magical lift. 

Have you been feeling these life pains as well?

When I can’t seem to break free of the melancholy produced by everything piling up in my life I like to call on the moon. With the full moon approaching now is the perfect time to bring lunar energies into our lives to illuminate the confusion many of us are experiencing and bring harmony back to us. There’s no better way for me to reconnect with myself and my magic and to tap into the deep inner knowing that accompanies this time of the month.

This bath spell calls on that lunar magic to amplify the harmonizing and illuminating effects of the ingredients to bring you greater insight into the challenges you’re facing and a sense of balance. Repeated monthly this ritual can help to maintain your fulfillment, happiness and clear sight in all areas of your life.

A Full Moon Bath Spell for Harmony & Illumination

You Will Need:

  • Epsom Salt
  • Jasmine for calling on the moon
  • Basil for harmony
  • Nutmeg for illumination and clear sight
  • Almond oil for wakefulness and good fortune
  • A tea ball or sachet

Begin by creating a sachet with the salt, jasmine, basil, and nutmeg. This can be done using a small cloth pouch, a coffee filter, or a tea ball. When your sachet is ready, take a moment to hold it and feel the lightness you wish it to bring back to your life. Imagine how it will feel to no longer be confused, hurting or stressed. 

Draw your bath and place the sachet in it to infuse as the bath fills. Use enough water that you can submerge yourself entirely. Pour 1 tablespoon of almond oil into the bath under the running water to disperse it (skip this ingredient if you have a nut allergy).

When the bath is full, light some candles, put on uplifting music if you like and prepare for your bath. If it’s an option, let the moonlight in through a window and extinguish all other sources of light. Kneel next to the bath, swirl the water three times in a clockwise direction and as you do so say: 

“By the glow of the moon my eyes can see, the waters of my life grow still, peace and harmony are mine. By my words, so it shall be.” 

Soak in the bath for ten minutes or more, being sure to submerge yourself fully at least once or twice. 

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    • The shower might not be the best option since the idea is to infuse the water with the ingredients but you may be able to alter this spell so that it’s perhaps a foot bath? If you find a smallish plastic tub that you can rest your feet in comfortably you can follow the same steps to prepare the water, anoint yourself with the water on your wrists, neck, and forehead, then soak your feet for 10 minutes.

      I hope this helps!

    • You could also fill a bucket with the charged water and sometime during your shower, pour it over your head, letting the water and its energies flow over your body.

  1. Does the concentration matter? I’m wondering if I could do this in my pool under the full moon. Is that too much water?

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