Happy Samhain From The Traveling Witch!

This time of the year is so precious to me. The two weeks before and two after Samhain are such a beautiful, transformative time in my life every year and this year has been particularly affecting (for those of you who are new, Samhain is what many witches call Halloween).

I spent a night out at Colorado Bend State Park sleeping under more stars than I’ve seen in years. There’s nothing quite like staring up into an endless patchwork of stars to bring me to a state of humility and contemplation. I felt so, so small underneath that glittering sky and in that moment of smallness I looked at myself and I found the same wellspring of power and magic that I have been struggling to grasp for the last year waiting to meet me again in my humility.

I needed this reminder to wake me up to my power again; I am powerful not because I am a witch but because I am a part of a universe so vast and wondrous that’s it’s nigh incomprehensible. It is my connection to this wild, terrifying, and beautiful world that breathes life into my magic.

This Samhain I will be taking time to be in this space, to connect deeply with the natural world, to introspect, and to commune, as is traditional on this night, with those who have passed. I have collected a few witchy resources to help you learn and grow in this sacred time as well.

1. How to Make Soul Cakes for Samhain – Soul cakes are a traditional food offering for the dead on Samhain night. If you’re planning to hold your own honorary ritual for your own ancestors or for the forgotten dead give one of these recipes a try!

2. Talking Plant Magic With Catamara Rosarium – In this podcast, Gordon from RuneSoup discusses plant magic, astrological timing, weeds, psychedelics, and growing a poison garden with Catamara Rosarium.

3. 100 Ways to Live a Magical Life Every Day by The Witch of Lupine Hollow – For those of you who are still budding in your practice, who are too busy for a full-blown ritual, or who are simply looking for small ways to connect with your magic, this light-hearted list is full of excellent and easy suggestions to get you in a magical space every day.

4. You Are Gifted, Witch – As always, Molly Roberts is a beautiful and uplifting voice in the magical community. If you’re feeling like the odd duck out, like you’re not gifted in the craft or perhaps feeling discouraged about your path as a whole give this video a listen. We are all here for our own purposes, and your talents are good and worthwhile even if they’re not traditionally “witchy”.

5. Halloween – From Pagan, to Christian, to Party – The History of Witchcraft Podcast does an amazing job this October of covering the colorful history of this beloved holiday. (One important note here: while it is unfortunately common to do so, there is no need to use the history of this holiday to vilify Christians or claim that they “stole our holiday”. We still have our holiday and they have theirs. We can all enjoy the festivities in peace)

Happy Samhain!

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