How To Find Your Path As A Witch (Or Not)

New witches often come to me confused and lost because they’re overwhelmed by the sheer number of directions that they could potentially take their craft. They see talk of green witches and kitchen witches, tech witches, sea witches and so many others and they have a completely human reaction to being confronted with such an overabundance of information.

They freeze up!

Without a defined direction they feel incapable of continuing forward, they stagnate while they try to pick a path and they stop learning. They don’t want to pursue something only to have to backtrack later so they pursue nothing at all!

How is anyone supposed to get their start in the craft when they have NO IDEA what direction they want to go in? Or what if they have more than one kind of witchcraft that interests them? How do they choose?!

The answer is surprisingly simple.

You don’t!

Having a specialization or a personal path in your witchcraft can be a wonderful thing but unless you just KNOW right from the jump what kind of specialty is for you there’s no need to get wrapped up in those sorts of details.

The important thing is that you keep learning.

For the majority of people their path unfolds in the natural course of events.

Maybe you try a bunch of different things but you find after a few months that you’re gravitating toward divination almost every time you practice your craft.

Or perhaps you started out with kitchen magic but suddenly find yourself with a burning interest in stars and how they can be used in the craft.

Perhaps over the course of your time as a witch you even find that you prefer not to narrow your focus, instead pulling from many paths to create something personal to you.

Every individual witch will find their own path which, while they may choose to call it by a recognizable title, will be entirely unique to them. Finding your path is not about choosing what kind of witchcraft you want to practice, it’s about allowing your craft to develop its own flavor and personality as you learn and grow.

In order to find your path you must let go of the imposed boundaries of titles. Titles can be useful in many ways but for newer witches they can be limiting. Witchcraft is a way to claim your power! Why would you limit yourself in that pursuit?

Instead cast your net as far as you like, read about anything and everything that interests you. Allow yourself to wander in your learning, follow your whims and soak up as much variety as you can.

Don’t limit yourself to only the things that are obviously magical! The mundane can always be made magical. What do you love? Can you transform your hobbies and existing interests and incorporate them into your craft? (Hint: the answer is almost certainly yes!)

As you explore and learn and practice your path will make itself clear, the things you love, the things that make you excited will always come to the surface. You will find yourself reaching for the practices that truly FEEL magical to you again and again.

That is the essence of your craft! Those foundational practices that you use so regularly that they come as easy as breathing are what make up your personal path.

Tomorrow I’m going to be telling you about the workshop I’ve been putting together to help new witches get started and avoid the stagnation that can come from this sort of information overload!

What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to pursuing your craft? Tell me about it in the comments!

How To Find Your Path As A Witch (Or Not) // The Traveling Witch
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