The Last Light Of The Moon

Many people use the light of the full moon and the new moon to enhance their spells and workings, drawing on the archetypal and energetic changes that happen as the moon moves through its course. The full moon in particular is a time for performing many spells, charging, cleansing, and spending time with any other witches we may know. Today I want to talk about a more uncommon kind of lunar magic.

Most witches are familiar with the moon phases, how the moon waxes and wanes and how these phases affect our magic but very few seem to be aware that there is an additional point in the lunar cycle that can be harnessed for magical purposes.

The Last Light Of The Moon

The last light of the moon is exactly as it sounds, it occurs on the evening directly preceding the new moon, the last night that the moon is visible before disappearing and beginning anew. This final gasp of light from the moon carries with it a very unique kind of energy that can benefit many workings and add a new kind of depth to your craft.

This night is the symbolic closing of the door, the end that brings about new beginnings, the last moments before the darkness. If there is anything in your life that needs to end this is the night to end it. It draws similar meanings as the Death card of the Tarot, both ending and beginning, a symbol of intense change and transformation. This is a time for putting the past behind you so that forward progress can continue

How To Integrate The Last Light Of The Moon Into Your Witchcraft

Death worship, or veneration

This night can be used to venerate Death gods, charge items used in the worship of Death gods or in celebrating the Death and Rebirth story of your god(s).

Ancestor worship

This is an excellent time to visit with those whose lives have already ended, communicating with and leaving offerings for your ancestors on this night can be a wonderful way to celebrate what was.

Spells involving endings

Getting ready to change careers? Leaving a relationship? Changing your major? Moving out for the first time? Moving cross country? The last light of the moon is the perfect time to perform spells to ease these transition periods and bring you to your new path safely.

Coming of age rituals or rituals for any kind of life transition

Coming of age happens many times over our lives, during the transition from adolescence to adulthood, when we break from the family of our childhood and set out on our own, when we marry or have our first child, menopause, the mid-life crisis, and even retirement. All of these major life transitions (and many more not mentioned here) can be ushered in with a ritual to bid farewell to our old selves and to welcome the growth and new beginnings that accompany our new life phase.

Charging items to be used in births, deaths, weddings or other major life changes

In much the same vein, items used in these transitions can be charged under the last light of the moon in order to bring this energy into the events themselves. 

Making decisions

Need to make a decision about something potentially life altering? This is a great night to pour all of your thoughts and feelings out onto paper or to a trusted confidant and figure out exactly what to do. The energy of this moon phase will help you clear away any resistance that you have when it comes to making your decision allowing you to see the path ahead with impartial eyes. Please note that this may not result in you making a major change! Sometimes the right thing to do is nothing and if that is the case then this moon phase will help you come to that decision knowing that it was not made out of a fear of change.

The last light of the moon brings with it finality, completion and endings but as with every ending there is a beginning waiting just on the other side. Use this night to guide you through the changes and transitions in your life and welcome the fluidity and trust that it can instill in you. Make peace with change and embrace the turning of the wheel!

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Welcome transformation into your life and your witchcraft with the last light of the moon! // Intrepid Crow

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  1. This is just the information I was looking for (particularly involving ancestor worship and the moon phases). Thank you!

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