How To Create A Charm For Safe Travels

If you’ve seen anything from me in the recent weeks you’ll know that I’ve gone a little (read: a lot) travel-crazy. I’ve started my long term road trip and it’s all I’ve been able to think about! Along with the crazy excitement that’s had me bouncing through life like I’m on a perpetual sugar high there’s packing lists swimming through my head, decisions to be made about where I’m going, and of course there’s the concern about safety!

What traveler doesn’t worry about safety? Whether you’re going by plane, by car or by some other method (broomstick anyone?), safety is paramount. You never want to be caught unawares in a bad situation! This charm wards the traveler against three common travel dangers: getting stranded, physical harm, and theft.

You Will Need:

  • An item to charm: This should be something small and easy to carry with you. A compass would be ideal but you could also use a trinket to hang in your vehicle or a piece of jewelry to wear when you travel.
  • Black Salt to ward against theft
  • Bay Leaf for protection
  • Chamomile for luck
  • Two small candles (tea lights work nicely)
  • A small bowl

Begin by cleansing yourself and the charm item. Set up your altar with the two candles placed a foot or more apart, the bowl between them. Light the candles.

Pour your black salt into the bowl, as you do so saying, “I am guarded from thieves.”

Place the bay leaf into the bowl and say, “I am protected from all that would harm”

Sprinkle the chamomile into the bowl saying, “My footsteps are led by luck”

Set your charm into the bowl as well. With your dominant hand move the bowl to the left until it nearly touches the candle. Slowly slide the bowl to the right so that it “travels” to the other candle and say the first line of the incantation below. Slide it back to the left and recite the second line, then right again as you say the third line. For the final line of the incantation center the bowl between the candles again.

“From here to there does safety follow

There and back it follows still

Out again my steps may lead me

And safely so, as is my will.”

Allow the candles to burn themselves out. Remove the now charmed item and keep the herbs and salt in the bowl. Before leaving on any trip sprinkle a small handful of the leftover herbs and salt outside your doorstep and walk over it as you leave.

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