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You guys asked to see my little car camper so here she is!

You guys asked to see my little car camper so here she is!


Recently I've mentioned on social media that I'm getting ready to take off on an extended road trip in my makeshift car camper. To my surprise, I immediately got a flood of requests to see the camper!

You asked so here it is, my tiny home in the back of my car!

I’ve built a folding sleeping platform to fit the back of the car, it’s essentially just three smallish boards connected with hinges and propped up using removable stands on each end. Nothing fancy but I'm definitely proud of the design, it takes up so little space when it's folded away!

The middle rests on the back seats when they're folded down. The front seats have to be pushed all the way forward to fold it out and admittedly it’s probably too short for anyone taller than about 5′ 6″ (yay short people!). It makes a really comfy lounge chair if I prop it up on the front seats if I want to read or write or watch movies.

The whole platform was pretty cheap and easy to throw together, I had the boards cut at the store and then just screwed, nailed and glued everything together. It took probably less than 30 minutes to assemble.

After the thing was built it was just a matter of tossing a futon mattress and some bedding on it. It’s actually very comfy to sleep on! I’ve also made fitted blackout covers for all of the windows (not shown) because people staring in at you while you’re sleeping is creepy. 

I wanted the front and back pieces to fold up for easy access to the space underneath for storage. It’s fairly empty right now but when she’s loaded up for a trip I can fit everything I need, all of my books, a camp kitchen, art supplies, emergency stuffs, my witchcraft travel kit, and of course clothes and cosmetics and all that fun living junk.

“Ok, cool but why?”

For science? Because I can? The cat made me do it?

To be honest I’m… well lets just say I’m bad at staying put. I grew up traveling and moving nonstop, I spent a while living on the road several years ago and I just love it. Being nomadic is my natural state. I’ve been lusting after anything tagged #vanlife for years and wishing I could have my own converted van and while the van is a little out of reach for me right now the nomad lifestyle is not! I figured it was time to stop stalling and just work with what I had; this is the result! 

So I’m hitting the road, hopefully longterm and just as soon as I can manage it.

I’m shaking things up a little!

I’m shaking things up a little!

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