60 Second Magic: 15 Quick & Easy Spells

We’re busy witches, I get it. We go through life juggling jobs, family, dog walks, dentist appointments, and trips to the DMV… and that’s just the beginning. We love our magic and we want to honor that part of ourselves every day, but sometimes we just don’t have time for a full-on ritual.

The good news is, magic doesn’t have to take a long time. For those schedule-packed days, here are fifteen spells that will weave magic into your life any time, any place. If you have sixty seconds, you have time for a spell!

1. Mirror Messages Spell

When you see a window, mirror, or any surface that has fogged up with condensation, draw a sigil with your finger to create a little magic on the go. You can draw a pentacle or a sigil with a meaning specific to your intention. You can even write a word or two that represents your spell. As the water vapor lifts, it will send your spell up into the sky. I like to use this spell on car windows for safe travel.

2. Think Of Me Spell

This powerful spell is perfect for families, ex-lovers, friends, or anyone you don’t get to see every day. The goal of this spell is to connect you to your loved one through thoughts and mental images. As you perform this spell, you’ll think of them, and wherever they are in the world, they’ll think of you. It’s really beautiful!

Find a picture of the person you want to connect with. It can be an actual printed photograph, digital image from social media, or on your phone.

Hold the photo (or your phone) in your hands and create a sense of quiet around you. To do this, imagine a white or gold light coming down from the sky and surrounding you. This will allow you to create a sacred space for magic even in the most chaotic settings like a subway train or a busy office. I love to perform this spell in a peaceful spot outside, but sometimes that’s not possible. Wherever you are is fine!

Begin by looking at the image of the person, focusing particularly on their eyes. If any emotions come up while you’re doing this, just allow them to flow through you.

Now think of a happy memory you have with this person. Let the memory play out in your mind from beginning to end as you gaze at the photo.

Finally, hold the photo (or phone) to your heart and imagine a shiny, glowing thread shooting from your heart across the miles, oceans, continents, whatever, towards your loved one. See the thread connecting to your loved one’s heart.

Send a specific message to this person if you’d like by imagining your words traveling along the thread to reach this person.

Allow the thread to fade away, and your spell is complete. If the person doesn’t think of you immediately, be patient. Sometimes it takes a little time.

3. The Introverts Spell

This spell isn’t just for introverts. It’s for anyone who needs a boost of confidence before interacting with other people, such as at parties, speeches, job interviews, or family dinners.

Start by creating a sacred space around you and connecting to your power. Next, interlace your fingers behind your back. If that’s uncomfortable for you, simply relax your shoulders down away from your ears. Imagine your shoulder blades drawing together as your chest and heart opens up to the space in front of and above you. Speak (or think) an affirmation while in this position.

Example Affirmations:

“Everything I need is within.”

“The power of the Universe flows through me.”

“I’m magic.”

It doesn’t matter what you chose to say as long as it’s positive and makes you feel ready to face the world. Saying something like, “I will not mess this up.” won’t work because it puts the focus on “messing up”.

4. One Card Draw

Grab your favorite magical card deck and ask, “What do I need today?” Then draw a card. If you’re using an oracle deck or tarot deck, use your intuition to connect with the meaning of the card. Notice if the card’s meaning shows up anywhere as you go through your day.

If you don’t have a “magical” deck, use a regular deck of playing cards. Ask, “What do I need for today?” and draw a card. Remember the card’s number and if you see that number anywhere, pay attention. It could be an important message. In addition to the numbered cards, you can think of jacks as elevens, queens as twelves, kings as thirteens and aces as ones.

5. Bedtime Crystal Grid

I like to perform this spell right before I go to bed. Select a few crystals that support your intention for the next day. You can find the meanings of specific crystals online, or you can pick crystals that you feel drawn to for whatever reason.

Line the crystals up on your nightstand, close your eyes and imagine your intention shooting up into the sky. Leave the crystals on your nightstand overnight and wake up knowing you’ve grounded your day in magic.

6. Cleansing Shower Spell

This spell should be saved for that moment when you need to get rid of negative energy fast. This is the spell to do after a difficult conversation, a disappointment, or getting a parking ticket. When you get caught in some negative energy, close your eyes and imagine water cascading down your body, washing away all the bad. You can visualize yourself in your shower, under a waterfall or standing in a gentle summer rain. Allow the power of the water to restore your balance.

7. Morning Drink Ritual

Create a witchy ritual around your favorite morning drink. It doesn’t matter what your drink of choice is. Coffee, tea, orange juice, and water will all work for this ritual.

As you pour the liquid into your cup, bless it by thanking the Universe for providing you with nourishing fluids. Set an intention for your day as you savor your drink. Notice any elements of nature that are in play here. There’s the water in your tea, the coffee beans come from the earth, and the steam represents air.

8. Intention Jar

Get a jar and place it somewhere you know you’ll notice it at least once a day. Set a pad of post-its or notecards beside the jar along with a writing utensil.

Whenever you have an intention you’d like to manifest, write it on the paper and drop it into the jar. This intention can be super specific like, “I make fifty thousand dollars a year.” or it can be something vague like, “Patience”.

Whenever you want to review your intentions, pick one from your jar and spend a moment visualizing that intention.

Discard any intentions that no longer serve you.

9. Charged Water Spell

It’s great to take advantage of sun or the moon energy to charge your water. Witches do this by leaving a jar of water in the sunshine or moonlight for several hours. Water that has been magically “charged” is a powerful elixir that can be used for drinking or in spells.

Sometimes we don’t have time to set water outside for an extended period of time though. An alternative is to “charge” your water with a sun or moon visualization.

To do this spell, hold a jar of water in your hands and close your eyes. Visualize a bright beam of sunlight or moonlight shining down from the sky into your jar of water. Spend a minute visualizing and try to get all your senses involved. “Feel” the warmth of the sun and “listen” to the soft chorus of nighttime sounds when visualizing the moon.

10. Gratitude Nature Spell

Whenever you come across something that reminds you of nature like a flower arrangement, a lovely view from a window, or a plate of fresh fruit, take a moment to send a thank you to nature for bringing so much beauty to your life. When you connect with nature, you connect to your power.

11. Money Magnet Spell

Place a citrine crystal on top of your wallet to attract money. Green crystals work, too!

12. Energy Breath Spell

Use this spell any time you need a burst of energy or a quick way to calm down. I love this spell because it uses your body and breath to power your magic.

Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Create your sacred space around you. Just like in the “Think of Me Spell”, I like to envision white light flowing down from the sky and surrounding me. Next, connect to your power, wherever it comes from—your deities, your intuition, the Universe, etc. Set your intention to either relax or energize.

Relaxing Energy Breath Spell: Bring your attention to your breath and imagine that the air you’re breathing is laced with a cool, calm energy. Breathe in at a normal rate and breathe out very, very slowly. Let your inhales shorten and your exhales lengthen. After five breaths, open your eyes and the spell is complete.

Energizing Energy Breath Spell: To make this spell energizing instead of relaxing, imagine a warm, bouncy energy in the air as you breathe. Make each inhale longer than your exhale. Do this for five breaths to complete your spell.

13. Easy Breezy Spell

Whenever you feel a gust of wind or a gentle breeze sweep over your body, take a moment and send out an intention, a thank you, a wish or an affirmation. Your message will ride on the wind and be carried up into the universe.

14. I Feel Pretty Spell

I like to do this spell before a date, but it’s great for any time you want to enhance your physical appearance. Light a candle and place it in the room you’ll be getting ready. Keep it lit while you comb your hair, put on makeup, shave—whatever you do when you want to look your best. When you’re finished, admire yourself in the mirror and bask in your beauty. Then extinguish the candle.

Note: Be safe when you’re using fire magic. Never leave your candle unattended.

15. Share The Love Spell

Whenever you encounter someone who is acting a little grumpy, use this spell to send them love without them even knowing. As you’re looking at the person, draw a heart (or any loving symbol) on the surface nearest to the person. If it’s the cashier at the gas station, draw the heart on the checkout counter while you wait for him to give you your receipt. If it’s your boss at work, draw your magical symbol on a folder you leave on her desk.

Now Go Out & Make Magic!

There are so many ways to seamlessly integrate magic into every day life. I invite you to use these spells in your practice or change them to fit into your specific lifestyle. As a witch, you have the power to use magic anywhere!

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60 Second Magic: 15 Quick And Easy Spells by The Traveling Witch


  1. I tried the spell so the person think about me, and as I was lookin at the photo throughout it, it seemed like the face is changing, still its that person, but it was changing, like i was lookin at how that person looks now, or what he is doing, just a face. It was weird and beautiful at the same time tho

  2. Thank you for these easy spells. I look forward to doing them. I am looking also for other spells that can be used without using to many ingredients etc.

  3. IM in a hurry and admire the spells. Thank you for sharing and I will use them on the go go ! Have a beautiful day!

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