Spells And Rituals To Have The Best Day Ever

You know those days when life just feels good? I’m talking about those days when your hair looks fantastic and your morning coffee tastes extra rich. On your drive to work, you make every green light and find a parking spot right out front. Then as you head home, your significant other texts you asking, “What do you want for dinner? I’m taking you out!”

It’s those moments when you find yourself thinking, “Best. Day. Ever.”

Witchcraft is great because you can apply almost any intention to your magic and get powerful results, including how to have the “Best Day Ever”.

How To Set An Intention For The Best Day Ever

It all starts with the intention. If you’re performing a spell with the goal to have the “Best Day Ever”, you’re going to have to dig a little deeper into what that actually means to you. Otherwise, you might end up with someone else’s idea of the “Best Day Ever”.

To do this, think back to a day when you were so blissfully happy that the memory alone makes you smile and sigh with delight.

Mentally go through the events of the day. Relive those joyful moments like you’re re-watching your favorite movie. Don’t worry about getting it exactly right or remembering everything. The most important part is for you to connect with the feeling you associate with your “Best Day Ever.”

Honing in on that feeling will save you from having to plan out your day minute by minute. When you perform your magic focusing on that feeling, you’re basically asking the universe (or your intuition or deities) to send you experiences that will give you that feeling all day long.  

For me, this makes it more fun. When you perform a “Best Day Ever” spell, you’re setting yourself up to receive lots of wonderful surprises. You’re guiding the energy of your day instead of controlling every detail.

On The Night Before Your Best Day Ever

Bedtime Tarot Elements Spell

If you want to start your Best Day Ever magic the night before, try a tarot spell just before you go to bed.

Go through your tarot deck and pull out four cards you associate with the elements: earth, air, fire, and water. You can go through the different suits and pick your favorite card from each, or you can pick some from the major arcana cards.

Elements by Tarot Suit:

  • Pentacle cards represent earth.
  • Swords cards represent air.
  • Wands cards represent fire.
  • Cups cards represent water.

Major Arcana Cards Associated with:

  • Earth—the Empress, The World
  • Air—The Emperor, The High Priestess
  • Fire—The Sun, The Lovers
  • Water—Temperance, The Star
  • Any Element—The Magician, The Fool

Once you have your four cards, begin to connect with your Best Day Ever feeling. Close your eyes and take a moment to do this as you hold your four cards in your hand.

Next place each card around the bed on the north, east, south, and west sides. You can put them on the floor, on a nightstand or right under your mattress.

As you position each card, call in the qualities of the element. Your earth card goes on the north side. You can say something like, “I call on Earth to power my intention to have the best day ever. Bring abundance, the joy of creation and the beauty of nature into my day tomorrow.

Your air card goes on the eastern side of your bed. Call in qualities such as creativity, mental clarity and good thoughts.

Your fire card goes on the south side of your bed. Passion, action, confidence, and enthusiasm are great qualities to call upon for fire.

Your water card goes on the western side of your bed. You can call in the qualities of fluidity, purification, healing, love, and flexibility.

Once you’ve set up all your cards, go to bed thinking about your Best Day Ever feeling. Once you get out of bed for the day, your spell is complete and you’re ready for your amazing day.

Best Day Ever Clothing Spell

Pick out your clothes for the next day. This could be an entire outfit or just one or two items of clothing you know you’ll wear the next day. Place your clothes by a window to absorb the moon’s energy. New moon and full moon energy work well for your “Best Day Ever” intention.

Another option is to set a crystal associated with having your best day ever on top of your clothes. Before you do this, hold the crystals in your hands as you spend a moment meditating on your Best Day Ever feeling. Orange calcite and citrine crystals will do the trick by bringing you luck and positive energy.

A third option is to use your favorite oracle or tarot card on your clothes. Again, charge it with your Best Day Ever intention, then place it on top of your clothes for the next day. I love the energy of The Star, the Magician, the Sun, and the Fool from the tarot deck.

Best Day Ever Cell Phone Spell

This is a variation on the previous spell. Instead of clothing, you’ll charge your cell phone with magic! You can use any of the methods: moonlight, crystals or divination cards. Connect with your Best Day Ever intention as you set your phone near or touching your magical tool of choice.

On The Morning Of Your Best Day Ever

Best Drink Ever Ritual

You can do this ritual with any kind of drink, but it works best if you make this drink a little more special than your regular morning beverage. Put it in a nice glass, add some whipped cream, use the nicest brand of coffee you can find or make a smoothie with your favorite fruit. Do whatever it takes to make this drink really darn good. Sit down with your drink and take a moment to connect with your Best Day Ever feeling. Then enjoy your drink sip by sip, basking in the glow of your Best Day Ever intention. Close your eyes, and tune out the rest of the world if you can. These ten minutes are about you, your decadent drink and your intention. Your spell is complete when you’ve finished your entire drink. Go have an awesome day!

Best Day Ever One-Card Ritual

When you wake up, grab your tarot deck or your favorite oracle deck and start your day with a card reading. Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. Hold the deck of cards between your palms as you connect with the feeling of your Best Day Ever feeling.

Then speak your intention out loud. You might feel silly doing this, but it always makes my readings clearer and more accurate. I also like to name the power that I’m calling on to guide my hands as I  shuffle and draw a card. I’ll call on my spirit guides, the Universe, my inner wisdom, or the energy of the sun. Call on whoever or whatever you’d like guidance from.

If I’m asking my intuition, I’ll say, “Intuition, what do I need today to have the best day ever?”

Then open your eyes, shuffle the cards a few times in whatever way you’re most comfortable. Keep focusing on your “Best Day Ever” feeling.

Next, cut the deck once, combine the stacks, and draw the top card. Usually, something will come to mind quickly based on the text, image, colors, or meaning of the card. If you don’t feel any connection to the card, sit with it for a moment or journal your thoughts. Ask yourself, “how will this help me have the best day ever?” You can also look up the card meaning in a book or online.

Trust that the power you called upon wanted you to draw that card so you can have the best day ever.

If you’re using oracle cards, chances are that every card in the deck has a positive meaning. In that case, the message the card gives you regarding how to have your best day ever is pretty straightforward. If you’re using tarot cards, some of the cards have what could be considered a  negative meaning. If you’re using the popular Rider-Waite tarot deck and draw the ten of swords, you might freak out when you see the image of the man face down on the ground with ten swords in his back.

Stay calm. You’re not going to end up looking like that guy! The power you called guided you to this card to help you have the best day ever. For this specific ritual, assume all tarot cards are positive. Could this card be telling you to “pull those swords out of your back” so you can have the best day ever? Do you need to let go of worry? Is there someone you need to forgive? Maybe this person is you.

Once you figure out what that card is telling you, thank the deck, thank your power, and take that energy with you all day long.

In-The-Moment Best Day Ever Spells

These are spells you don’t have to plan ahead for. They’re designed to give you a quick burst of Best Day Ever magic at any point in your day.

Shoe Lace Knot Spell

You can even infuse magic into the mundane act of tying your shoes with knot magic. As you tie each shoe, focus on your “Best Day Ever” feeling. Know that as long as that knot stays in, your spell is in effect. Use this spell if you’re going to be wearing your shoes a long time, like a hiking trip or a day walking around a new city on vacation. Remember to double knot those laces to keep the spell going as long as possible. If the knot comes untied, simply perform the spell again.

Cleansing Lighter Ritual

If you’re having a great day and you come across someone in a bad mood, don’t let his or her negative energy interfere with your best day ever. If you feel that heavy energy starting to weigh you down, go outside and light a match or use a lighter to make a flame. Hold the flame in front of you and let it burn off all the bad energy. When you feel like it’s all gone, reconnect with your intention to have the best day ever, and blow out the flame. Note: Be safe when you’re using fire magic. Be conscious of your surroundings and never light a fire anywhere your could harm yourself or others.

Best Day Ever Snap Spell

Start thinking about your “Best Day Ever” feeling as you say the words, “I wish to have the best day ever, and today is that day!” Snap your fingers three times. Your spell is complete.

Keep it Going

Once you get the hang of calling on your best day ever intention and energy, you can apply this to many different kinds of magic. Get creative, and don’t be afraid to experiment. If you perform some of these spells and don’t see results, try them again or try a variation of the spell! Without a doubt, you will get better at manifesting this intention the more familiar you get with your Best Day Ever feeling. Maybe soon the majority of your days will feel charged with this joyful energy!

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