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7 Ways To Use Magic For The Zodiac: Cancer

7 Ways To Use Magic For The Zodiac: Cancer

7 Ways To Use Magic For The Zodiac: Cancer // Witchcraft // Magic // The Traveling Witch

July is the season of the Crab and to celebrate, I’m dedicating this post to Cancer witches! Here, I’ll be providing some Cancer self-care tips and ways to counter some natural weaknesses. There are also a few treats included for the Crab seeking love, or those needing a quick recharge of those great Cancerian traits. So get cozy, Cancer, this one’s for you.


Soft-Shell Crab

Cancer is a water sign, ruled by the moon. Like the tides, a Cancer’s mood can rise and fall, changing rapidly depending on outside influences — usually the people they surround themselves with. Cancer seeks equilibrium and needs to feel comfortable and loved, and when they don’t, their moods can go dark. They are empathetic creatures who feed off the emotions of others and try their hardest to make the ones they love feel good. However, they are also hypersensitive, and if they don’t feel that love returned, Cancer will overanalyze and panic. While this sweet nature is an asset in so many ways, it also unconsciously gives people a lot of power over you. Not good! It’s fantastic to love with your whole heart, you just need to make sure your heart is protected in the process. So how can this be achieved?

Whenever you feel the balance start to shift, and you’re giving more than you get, don’t get moody — just pull back! While people love that you’re so thoughtful (always thinking of ways to do something unexpected and kind), remember that it’s not a relationship requirement that you give ‘til it hurts. And even if they don’t show it in the same way you do, that doesn’t mean you aren’t loved. One of my best friends growing up was a Cancer and she used to buy me cards once a week with paragraphs written inside describing why she was happy to be my friend. It was the most thoughtful and kind thing ever, and all my bone-headed self could think of to express my gratitude was to just say thanks. That’s it! It was so much less effort than she made but that didn’t mean I didn’t value her friendship. Keep that in mind, Cancer — you will always be dealing with people who give about 75% or less when you give 200%.

So, when you feel you aren’t getting enough in return (and it will happen a lot), stop and treat yourself like you do your family and friends. Instead of spending a lot of energy on others for a change, take a break and do those things for yourself and remember your Cancer self-care.

  • Clean your house, light some candles, and make it cozy. Cancers rely heavily on a safe and comfortable home, so instead of tending to others, tend to your own space. Cleanse with sage. Take care of anything that’s been neglected. Turn your ringer off and make this time all about making your home a little brighter.

  • Return to the water. As a Cancer, water is your sanctuary. Go swimming or take a long bath with all the extras (salts, bubbles, candles). If you live by a lake or the sea, go spend an hour by the water’s edge and meditate, or bring some music and just relax. Most importantly, do not bring your phone. Be unreachable during this time so that your only focus is you.

  • Volunteer. The simple truth is, Cancers love feeling needed and being helpful. While this can be draining when you’re constantly doing it for the same people and getting little in return, it will feel amazing doing it for people or causes who really do need you. I usually don’t like it when people just say “volunteer!” as a solution to a personal problem, but in Cancer’s case, it will be a great way to get out of your head while doing something good for others.

  • Practice being alone and feeling satisfied with just yourself as company. Cancers can get a little needy and the best way to break yourself of this habit (that only hurts you) is to find enjoyable solo hobbies. This way, when someone doesn’t come through with the energy you need, you can retreat and find comfort in yourself.

  • Collect moonstones! Cancer is ruled by the moon and will have a natural affinity for these lovely, powerful stones. And just like the moonstone, Cancers can recharge themselves in the moonlight. Spend some time basking in the white glow when you feel mentally or physically drained.


Play To Your Strengths

Cancer excels at protection spells, especially protection of the home and the ones they love. However, because Cancers have such big hearts and love so easily, they are vulnerable to those who’d take advantage of them. Don’t forget to protect yourself, too! Carry tourmaline to ward off negative energy and people, and be wary of those who seem too good to be true.

Cancers are also incredibly intuitive. Because they are so attuned to the people around them, they are excellent people to ask advice and are usually uncanny at zeroing in on what you need to hear — whether you want to or not. This is exactly what makes Cancer such an excellent witch, especially in divination.

Hydromancy is an old form of divination using water. You can drop pebbles into the water and read ripples in the water’s surface or whisper words over the water and wait for answers. One method includes dropping some oil into the water and observing the forms created as the oil twists along the water’s surface. Candles can be set around a bowl of water, and their flickering reflections interpreted. This can also be achieved with sunlight or, more ideally, moonlight. However you choose to work with the water, as a Cancer you will be especially talented at reading its secrets. Combining this form of divination with the moon will be extra powerful for Cancers seeking answers.


Cancerian Altar Spell

Cancers in love are happy creatures, especially if they’ve found partners who go above and beyond to treat them right. Naturally a little co-dependent, Cancers seek out partnerships and do well in pairs — not even necessarily romantic pairs! Even their glyph, the distinctive “69”, is a reference to duality, yin and yang, and partnership.

This spell is an attraction spell for Cancers looking for love. It’s designed to showcase the great Cancerian traits and draw out those who will be most attracted and best suited to those traits. If you’ve got your eye on a specific person, I’ve included a loophole in the spell for that situation. However, this spell is all about compatibility and if the one you’re after isn’t that great of a match, the spell won’t be as effective.

Best time to perform this spell: With the full moon of course! If you have a cycle, perform this spell a week after your period starts.

You will need:

  • The Chariot tarot card

  • White rose petals, freshly cut

  • Vervain

  • Milk

  • Rose oil

  • Shells, any will do though cowrie shells are best

  • Rose quartz

  • Moonstones

  • Two small mirrors

  • A warm bath

  • Pink salt if you can get it, though sea salt will work

  • Seven red candles

To begin, prepare your candles. On each of the seven candles, carve one trait you are seeking in a mate, then dab a little rose oil over the word.

Next, prepare your bath. Drop your rose petals in and stir the bath seven times. Next comes your milk — just a few tablespoons will do — your vervain, and your salt. Stir again.

Set your candles along the edge of the bath where they will be reflected in the water, but in no danger of falling in, and light them in order of importance of each trait you’ve chosen. Place one mirror behind you at the head of the bath, and one mirror at the foot of the bath where you will be able to see your reflection. Set the Chariot card near or behind one of the red candles — somewhere it can be front and center while not at risk of falling into the water. Between each red candle place a moonstone. If you only have one, place it by the Chariot card.

Now, in one hand take a few shells and in the other, take a rose quartz. Step into the bath and stir the water gently seven times. Raise your hands palm side up in front of you, with the quartz and shells on display.

Recite these words:

"On this altar, I offer my love

To the one worthy of me

Who will nourish and protect

Love and respect

Send them straight to me"

Lean down to the water’s surface and whisper these words:

"Don’t leave me blind

Guide my way

Help me find"

Keep a careful eye on the candlelight reflections in the water and take a mental note of any shapes or images that appear now. These are your clues to help you recognize your new lover when they come into your life. As the water settles and you become more accustomed to reading these clues, they will become more pronounced and certain shapes will repeat. These are the ones to take special note of.

Still holding the quartz and shells, sprinkle water on your arms, shoulders, and top of your head. Extinguish your candles with droplets of water from your bath.

If you have a specific person in mind, this spell can be altered slightly by adding a white candle and writing his or her name on it. On the seven red candles, write the reasons why you want this person — their specific traits that attract you. Change the line in the spell “to the one worthy of me” to “to [their name].” Finally, instead of reading the water for clues about a new lover, ask for guidance on how to win the heart of the one you want.

This ritual does not need to be repeated unless you’d like more practice reading the candlelight reflections or you were unclear of any signs. Otherwise, one bath will suffice!

So, happy birthday, Cancerians! I hope you have an amazing month, find what you’re looking for, and enjoy every moment.

And don’t forget to put yourself first sometimes — no one deserves it more!

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7 Ways To Use Magic For The Zodiac: Cancer // Witchcraft // Magic // The Traveling Witch
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