An Unusual Love Spell: How To Open A Lovers Heart

When someone you love is closed off it can be frustrating, especially if you’ve gone out of your way to share yourself with them. It’s hard not to take this personally, but it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with you. Some people just have trust and communication issues. It’s a defense mechanism and we all know how life can knock us around, so this is understandable. For some, self-preservation can trump everything.

But even if it’s easy to understand, it’s not easy to be in a relationship that’s one-sided. It’s emotionally draining to give and get nothing back, and it makes a relationship unsatisfying and unsustainable. So what can you do when the one you love won’t let you in? You can always seek advice from friends, magazines, or therapists.

But if you’re a witch, you can simply tease that heart open with magic.

First things first.

Trust is not earned overnight. Sometimes all you have to do is be patient and accept that people move at their own pace when it comes to how vulnerable they want to be with someone else. Consider things from their side. Why wouldn’t they want to open up to you? Have they been hurt before? Are there trust issues in the relationship? Have you both worked hard at communicating with each other, or do you let things go unsaid? If you can figure out why your partner is keeping their distance, you can work to close it. But again, patience is key. Someone with intimacy issues will never be in a rush to feel exposed and rushing them won’t make them trust you any sooner. Give them space to feel safe with you.  

If it’s gotten to the point where you’ve tried everything and your patience has worn thin, there is a spell you can do to help things along. There are ways to force someone into opening up, but that’s probably not the best solution if you’re in a committed relationship or looking to strengthen the relationship you have. So, this is a gentle spell that’s meant to help you and your partner get closer. This is a spell for opening a closed-off heart.

Four Chambers Spell

This spell is best performed with the full moon.

Part One

What you will need:

  • A small glass bottle that can be sealed
  • Red wine (a sweet dark juice can be substituted)
  • Honey
  • 2 taglocks, one for you and one for your partner (they should be small enough to fit inside the bottle)
  • 1 black candle and a tool for writing on it
  • 3-5 rose petals, freshly picked
  • A piece of red yarn or cord

Thoroughly mix together the rose petals, wine and honey and pour this mixture into the bottle (make sure the honey is completely dissolved). Add your taglocks to the bottle and seal it. Tie a knot with the red yarn around this bottle, leaving a lot of slack on either end of the knot. Inscribe on your black candle the word “mistrust” and set it in front of you. Light the candle. (Note: It is best to write on the candles near the top so the flames can melt these words away!)

Part Two

What you will need:

  • A small glass bottle that can be sealed
  • 1 black candle and a tool for writing on it
  • Pennyroyal
  • Orris root

Add the orris root and pennyroyal to the bottle until it’s full, then add ¼ of the contents of the first bottle to this second one. Using the same yarn from part one, repeat the process and tie the yarn around the bottle, knotting it, so both bottles are secured together. Inscribe on the second black candle the word “silence” and set it a few inches beside the first candle. Light the second candle.  

Part Three

What you will need:

  • A small glass bottle that can be sealed
  • 1 black candle and a tool for writing on it
  • Blue vervain
  • Calamus
  • Damiana
  • Gentian

Grind the herbs together until you have a fine powder, then add this powder to your bottle. From the first bottle, add ⅓ of the liquid to this third bottle and seal. Secure the third bottle to the other two using the yarn, and inscribe on your third black candle the word “indifference” and set it in front of the “mistrust” candle. Light the third candle.

Part Four

What you will need:

  • A small glass bottle that can be sealed
  • 1 black candle and a tool for writing on it
  • Lavender
  • Marjoram
  • Yerba mate
  • Salt  
  • Water

Grind the herbs and salt together, then add them to your fourth bottle. Still taking from bottle one, add half the remaining liquid to this bottle and seal it. All the liquid should now be evenly distributed amongst the four bottles. Tie another knot around this bottle, and then close these “chambers” by tying the first bottle to the fourth. The bottles should somewhat resemble a square. Make sure these bottles are secured together well, then cut away any leftover yarn tails. Inscribe on your fourth candle the word “closed” and set it in front of the “silence” candle to close the square. Light the fourth candle.

Unseal all the bottles and add water as needed so all the herbs are covered and the bottles are filled to the top, then reseal and shake to thoroughly mix all contents.

Now, focus on the one you love and see very clearly what you want from this relationship. Be honest and realistic and try and see things as they really are. You’ve heard the term “love is blind” but you’ve never heard the term “lasting love is blind.” So often we confuse things in matters of the heart. We can want something so badly that we simply believe it to be true, instead of looking at reality. All this does is lead to heartache when, inevitably, no one can live up to the fantasy. So, as this spell has such a strong emphasis on truth, be honest about all aspects of the relationship and what can realistically happen. Your partner isn’t going to change into a whole new person, but they’ll be a more receptive person, more open. Think of that, and not changing everything about your relationship — only strengthening and making it richer.

By now, your candles should be burning through the words you’ve written on them but if not, give it another minute until you can no longer see any inscriptions on the candles. When the words have vanished and you believe you have a good, clear grasp of the situation, take your four-bottle bundle and unseal the first bottle you made with the rose petals.

Recite these words: “I trust the one I love and they trust me. We keep no secrets from each other.”

Wet your forefinger and thumb with the liquid, then extinguish the “mistrust” candle with your fingertips. Do not wipe off your hands! Reseal this bottle and move onto the next (the pennyroyal bottle).

Recite these words as you extinguish the “silence” candle in the same fashion: “There is nothing I cannot say to the one I love and nothing they cannot say to me.”

Reseal the second bottle and move onto the third, reciting these words as you extinguish the “indifference” candle: “I commit fully to the one I love, and they commit fully to me. We see no others.”

And finally, the “closed” candle. Recite these words as you put out the last flame with liquid from the lavender bottle: “The one I love has an open heart and welcomes me inside. We grow together in joy.”

I know candles are expensive, but it is best to get rid of these black candles right away or at least cleanse before reusing them. Make sure all the bottles are sealed tightly, then leave this bundle outside your home, near a doorway or window where it won’t be bothered.

My wish is that this spell brings happiness and comfort to all who use it. Spreading love in troubled times is my privilege, happy casting!

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