3 Habits To Improve Your Life & Magic Today

No matter how long you’ve been practicing witchcraft, you can always find new ways to integrate it into your everyday life. Witchcraft is incredibly versatile and there are many different magical tools you can use to support your practice. Some situations call for big rituals with elaborate altars. Other days, all you have time for is a quick spell before heading off to work.

When life gets busy, it’s easy to let self-care and magic take a backseat to more pressing matters. This can be a bummer because often times those are the moments when you really need your witchcraft to keep you grounded and connected to your personal power.  

One way to practice witchcraft on a regular basis is to create habits around your spells and rituals. You can integrate different aspects of your witchcraft into your daily (or weekly) routine, so you’re always surrounding yourself with magic, no matter what is going on in your life. These witchy habits are meant to seamlessly fit into your life, so you’re performing magic as consistently as you’re brushing your teeth.

That being said, if you’re a witch who prefers to only practice magic every once in a while, that’s totally fine. You should only do magic as often as you like. Witchcraft should never feel like a chore. It should be joyful and organic. 

Use these tips to enrich your own personal witchcraft practice. If you want to give any of these ideas a try, start with adding one habit into your life at a time. Experiment with doing that habit all month, and see how it goes. Perhaps you’d like to journal about the process to keep track of any changes you notice in yourself. Keep the habits that make you happy, and discard the rest. You know what’s best for you when it comes to your magical practice. Trust your intuition, and trust what makes you happy. 

Witchy Habit #1: Be Open To Signs

We live in a magical world. Witches know this better than anyone. We see things, hear things, notice things that might seem random to most people. Sometimes, things aren’t all that magical, but some occurrences ARE magic, and a great habit to get into is staying open to whatever signs your encounter as you go through your day. Signs come to witches in all different ways. Sometimes it’s the number 11:11 on a digital clock. Sometimes it’s a song lyric that catches your attention. It could even be a gift from a coworker or a text from a friend. 

Signs are everywhere, and the only way to tell if it’s a sign or not is to use your intuition. You might notice how it made you feel. Did it give you chills? Make you laugh? Give you a sense of peace? You might see something that jogs your memory or gives you new insight into an issue you’re working through. Whatever it is, just be open. You never know what messages you’ll pick up from the universe. Journal about any signs you notice. Maybe you’ll discover their meaning as time goes on. Maybe they’ll stay a mystery. Either way, it’s all part of your witchy practice.

Witchy Habit #2: Combine Magic With Things You Do Every Day

In the Evening:

If you want to improve your sleeping, create rituals around your existing evening routines. 

Try diffusing vanilla or lavender essential oil in the evenings while you’re cleaning up after dinner, watching tv, or getting ready for bed. 

Before you go to sleep, take a minute or two to sit by a window and admire the moon. You can keep a notebook by your window and write down a wish or intention you’d like to send to the moon at this time. Set the notebook by the window so the moon can shine on it overnight and use its energy to help you fulfill your desire.

Place a labradorite crystal under your pillow with the intention of a full night’s sleep and pleasant dreams. You can also use the energy of tarot cards or oracle cards to promote restful sleep. The Temperance card and the Four of Swords are excellent cards to place under your pillow for that purpose. If you find you have trouble sleeping because you can’t stop thinking about problems that came up during the day, you can place the High Priestess card, or the Hierophant card under your pillow to help you process the day’s problems overnight. The Strength card or the Sun card can be used if you had a bad day and need to call in a little positivity for the next day. If you use oracle cards, go through your deck and select the energy you think will be most beneficial to you. Try this habit out for at least a week if possible, and keep track of how you feel in the mornings. Make adjustments to your evening ritual as needed. 

If you’ve been feeling a lot of negativity, consider adding a selenite window to your magical toolkit. This special crystal is a flat, somewhat clear piece of selenite that is both self-cleansing and self-charging. 

You can build a variety of habits around this crystal. After washing your face in the evening, use your selenite window for energetic cleansing. Touch the crystal to the top of your head, the sides of your face and the back of your neck. (You can also do a version of this in the morning by holding the crystal between your palms and taking ten deep breaths before getting out of bed. As you do this, imagine a cleansing white light floating down from above, bathing you with positivity. Think of this as your morning shower, but for your spirit instead of your body.)

Place your cell phone, wallet, or car keys on the piece of selenite every night so that item can be cleansed of any negative energy it has picked up during the day. 

In the morning:

When you’re taking your morning shower, whisper your intention for the day, and three actions you’ll take to move closer towards your intention over the course of the day. Perform a mini-meditation while showering by visualizing yourself doing those actions.

As you get dressed, bless an article of clothing. You can say something like, “May this sweater keep me warm today.” You can also use an affirmation such as, “This outfit makes a great first impression at today’s meeting.” 

As you’re headed out the door, select a small crystal to take with you. Place it in your car or keep it in your pocket to give you positive energy throughout the day. 

During your day:

If there are any parts of your day that you find unpleasant, brainstorm creative ways to use magic to make them better. For example, if you hate stopping at the gas station to fill up your car, ask yourself why you hate it. If the answer is that you dislike how much money it costs, use the time while you’re standing at the pump to say a money affirmation like, “Money flows to me quickly, easily, and abundantly.” or “I always have enough money for all my desires.” 

If you loathe stopping for gas because you feel you don’t have enough time, use that time at the pump to visualize driving the rest of the way to your destination without any further delays. In your mind’s eye, see all the stoplights turning to green as you approach. Visualize clear roads and traffic flowing quickly and safely. 

You can also do a fast safety spell as you’re finishing up at the gas pump. Simply look at how many gallons of gas you added into your car and say aloud, “May these (number of gallons of gas) bring me safe transit and joyful adventures.”

Witchy Tip #3: Set An Intention For Your Week

Every Sunday, pick an intention for your week. Then plan out spells and rituals to perform throughout the week to support that intention. (You can also do one intention for an entire month if that suits you better.) 

If your intention is to strengthen your connection to your intuition and increase your psychic abilities, write down all the spells you know to help you with your intention. Pick several of these ideas and write them down in your planner (or wherever you keep your schedule) and commit to doing them. 

For example:

Sunday: Spend twenty minutes meditating, journaling, and planning my intention for the week. 

Monday: Set up an altar with my intention in mind

Tuesday: Carry an amethyst crystal in my pocket. 

Wednesday: Light jasmine incense while I spend fifteen minutes meditating before my morning shower.

Thursday: Bring my tarot cards to my weekly coffee date and do readings for myself and my friend.

Friday: Use runes for divination on my lunch break.

Saturday: Light a purple candle and journal about any messages I receive from my intuition or spirit guides. 

These spells can be as simple as changing the password on your laptop to whatever your weekly intention is, or they can be more involved like an hour-long ritual bath with herbs, crystals, and sea salt. Whatever magic you pick, try to write it down somewhere and schedule it in like you would a hair appointment or a work meeting. If you have a busy week, keep your magic short and sweet. Habits are about consistency. Seven days of small magic gestures can create powerful momentum. 

Rather than doing this weekly or monthly, you can try setting intentions by other natural cycles you notice in your life. The moon offers about a twenty-eight day cycle, split up by different phases. The four seasons are another cycle you can use.
Maybe you prefer to set intentions by cycles in your personal life like a school year, or your ninety-day performance review at work. You can create intentions by events in your life like tax day, your birthday, or your anniversary. The key is to look for patterns in your life—things that repeat, and embed magical habits into those patterns. 

Finding Balance With Your Magical Habits

With all the ways you can infuse your daily routines with magic, it’s important to find balance. You might find that scheduling magic into your week takes the fun out of your practice. If that’s the case, don’t do it! The same magical habit might feel joyful for one witch and tedious for another. You might also find that certain habits work well for a while. Then over time, the habit becomes restrictive. That’s totally normal—you’re growing and changing every day. Don’t be afraid to change or let go of habits that no longer serve you. Create new ones. That way your habits change right along with you.  

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