3 Ways To Use Magic For The Zodiac: Libra

Libras are an interesting mix. They like the finer things and appreciate beauty, but are often categorized as superficial. They are heavily concerned with justice and fairness, but they are motivated to keep the peace above all — the ultimate people pleasers. This makes Libra indecisive when it comes to choosing sides and fearful of confrontation.

While they are labeled good mediators, they hold grudges like a dog with a bone and can be swayed easily, especially if they believe it means a faster path to harmony. In essence, Libras are incredibly sweet, down to Earth people who just want a little peace and quiet. Things get tricky for them when other people are involved, which is unavoidable — unlike some other signs, Libras are very social beings.

Looking To The Wind

Because Libras are all about balance and harmony, I wanted to honor this when creating some magic for their birthday. Though Libras can be indecisive, it’s only because they want to make sure they’ve done things right. They want to make the moral choice, that also makes the most people happy. This is a hard thing for anyone, but Libras take this responsibility very seriously.

What you will need:

  • A small piece of blue material
  • A stick and a way to affix the material to the stick
  • A blue candle
  • A tarot deck
  • Alternative: A coin and some blue paint

Libra is an air sign so it’s important to bring this element into your magic because it’ll work well with you. For this magic, you’ll be using wind so wait for a breezy day before starting.

To begin, make a small flag out of your materials, then plant it somewhere outside where you can see it from a window. Light a blue candle, shuffle your tarot deck, and draw two cards. Place these cards side by side in front of the blue candle. The card on your right represents the situation you’re having difficulty with — the problem that needs a decision — and the card on the left represents your role in this situation. While you’ve probably already spent a lot of time thinking about this decision, and weighing all sides, something is keeping you from reaching a clear yes or no. This is where the flag comes in. Trust your intuition! You already know the right thing to do, so no more vacillating. Whichever way you’re leaning toward more, take a moment and ask aloud “am I making the right choice?” Then take both of the tarot cards in your hand and look outside at the flag. If it blows east, the answer is yes. If it blows to the west, your answer is no.

Alternatively, you may not have time to wait for a windy day or for whatever reason, a flag is not possible. No worries! Paint a coin (a quarter will work best) blue and mark one side with the Libra glyph, which is a symbol for balance. Instead of looking outside at the flag after reading the cards, flip the coin high in the air. Heads (the side with the Libra glyph) is yes, and tails is a no. You can keep this coin with you and ask it simple yes or no questions whenever indecision strikes.  

Pomme d’Amour

Libras are connected to the planet Venus, as well as the goddess. Because of this, Libras are ruled by a desire to find lasting love and a partner who will support them through thick and thin. While they may not necessarily seek marriage, the concept of marriage and union is closely tied to Libra’s symbolism.

This spell is meant to draw out a fitting partner for Libra!

What you will need:

  • A green (unripened) cherry tomato
  • Rose petals
  • A banana
  • A paper bag
  • A small altar
  • Seven red candles

This spell should be started on a Monday.

To begin, create a sigil based on the traits you’d like to see in a partner. Keep it specific “My partner is _____” and add as many adjectives as you’d like. Once your sigil is complete, draw it on the paper bag.

The altar doesn’t have to be as big and special as your regular altar, it’s just a space where everything can sit without being disturbed. Tomatoes are sacred to Libras, probably due to their association with love and Venus. There are also stories of tomatoes being powerful aphrodisiacs, which make them a perfect fit for this spell. Place the candles in a circle and then pop the tomato into the paper bag with the banana and nest this in the center of your circle. Please space everything carefully so there’s no chance of the paper bag catching fire!

In the space between the bag and the candles, sprinkle your rose petals. This spell will be performed over a week so don’t be alarmed when the petals start to dry — that’s perfectly fine.

At the beginning of the week, once everything is set up, light the candle just to the right of the candle at the very top of the circle, or the candle at the 1 o’clock position. Recite the first line of the incantation. For each following day of the week, moving clockwise around the circle of candles, say the corresponding line of the incantation and light the next candle in the circle, along with all the preceding candles you lit the days before. I recommend letting the candles burn for at least a half hour every day, but feel free to let them burn longer if you like!

On the seventh day, all your candles will be lit and you’ll recite the last line of the spell. Remove the tomato from the bag and tear away the paper round the sigil, so it’s small enough to burn, then activate your sigil with the flame of Sunday’s candle. Save the ashes of the sigil, mix it with the rose petals and set them in your hand. Go outside and blow this mixture to the east.

If the tomato isn’t ripe yet, it’s okay, there’s no time limit on it. However, when it does ripen, use this tomato to make something delicious and share it with a friend or family member who could use a pick-me-up. This is a gesture of kindness and love which hopefully will come back to you!

Libra love spell incantation:

Monday: I send the call out on the wind

Tuesday: And it will come back again

Wednesday: Love built to last and stronger still

Thursday: Than summer sun or winter chill  

Friday: Venus, please find them for me

Saturday: And make them beautiful to see

Sunday: I sent the call out on the wind, and now I bring them home again

You may substitute whatever pronouns you’d like here, of course.

Aeolian Force

Though water is by far the most powerful way that our landscape is shaped, wind is a force of change as well. It blows the terrain away or blasts sand and dirt against surfaces thus eroding them over time. This is called the Aeolian process and it’s seen primarily in sparse regions like deserts and areas with little vegetation. It creates smooth, bizarre rock formations and gorgeous dunes. For this spell, we’re going to use it to bury an old grudge.

Libras don’t let go of past insults easily, but holding onto the past — which can never be changed — is unhelpful. Not because you should forgive everyone always and hug instead, but because focusing on anything negative for too long is bad for you. It’s nonproductive for your life. So what do you do? You blow it away.   

What you will need:

  • Sand
  • Mint
  • A wooden stick (or any tool handy that can be used as a writing instrument)

You can perform this spell two ways: Go somewhere with a lot of sand or, if that’s not possible, just grab some from the craft store and put it onto a container. Add a little mint to the sand, then with your stick, write out the thing you can’t let go of, or the name of the person who wronged you. It’s hard to write in sand, so keep it short. Let this sit overnight and while it rests, use this time to think about why this action bothered you so much. Think about why holding onto this blip in your past serves you. Does it? Does the person still think about it, or are you the only one that hasn’t moved on? The point is to realize that when you let go of something, it stops having power over you. Instead of negatively affecting you, it disappears into the past.

In the morning, return to the sand and blow onto the surface until you’ve made the words disappear. As you do, imagine you’re wiping it from your memory. This might take a minute, but that’s good. It will give you more time to meditate on why taking this step is the right thing to do.

Libras are complicated; elegant yet down to earth, fair but deeply concerned with making sure everyone’s needs are met. For your birthday, take some time for yourself and celebrate the many facets of your personality — there’s no one quite like you, Libra!

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