4 Powerful Lunar Spells To Boost Your Creativity

The moon is a wonderful source of power because we can use its energy every single night, regardless if its visible or not! Moon energy fills the air the moment the sun sets.

Moon energy is abundant. You don’t ever have to worry about running out of it. The moon is an unlimited self-charging source of power.

Creativity is the same in that way. It is abundant and comes from within us. Sometimes it may feel like the well of creativity has dried up, but that’s not true. You always have more ideas, art, words, music, and visions to bring into this world. As a witch, and a human, you have unlimited access to the energy of creativity. You are inherently creative.

When you feel uninspired, it’s not because you’ve used up all your creativity. Your brilliant ideas are already inside of you, floating around in your subconscious. The way to access that creativity is to tap into your subconscious to bring those ideas into your conscious mind.

This is why lunar energy is particularly useful for creativity magic. The moon lives in a world of darkness. Because of that, the moon is strongly associated with our subconscious, or our “shadow side” as some witches refer to it.

Moon Energy Basics

There is some variation within the magical community regarding the qualities of lunar energy. For example, I’ve heard some witches say that the two weeks following the full moon are an ideal time for creating. Other witches believe that time is best used for resting, releasing, and re-evaluating your life.

One reason for this difference in beliefs is that the moon affects people differently. Some people feel their energy increase around the time of the full moon. Other people feel scattered and overwhelmed, an energy overload of sorts.

You might find it helpful to keep a moon journal, noting your moods and energy levels as the moon moves through its 28-day cycle. Then you’ll be able to create a more personalized moon practice.

Generally speaking, though, the energies of the new moon and full moon are excellent for performing creativity magic.

New Moon Brainstorming Spell

New moon energy is associated with fresh starts and unlimited possibilities. That makes the new moon a perfect time for coming up with new ideas for projects.

To take advantage of this special energy, you can sit outside or near a window and do some new moon brainstorming.

Set your intention as something like, “I call on the power if the new moon to allow all my creative ideas to rise up inside of me and flow onto this page.”

Then open your journal and write or draw the words, images, or symbols that flicker through your mind.

If nothing is coming, just begin moving your writing utensil. Make scribbles, circles, doodles—anything and everything that your hand seems to want to draw.

I recommend setting a timer for at least fifteen minutes. The temptation is to stop writing or drawing when you run out of ideas, but don’t do that. The first ideas that you get out onto the paper are most likely from your conscious mind. After you get those out of the way, you’ll start to explore the deeper, more abstract ideas that live inside of you.

If you don’t like having a timer, consider lighting a birthday candle and sticking it upright in its wax in a fireproof container. These take between fifteen and thirty minutes to burn down completely. You can perform this spell until you smell the smoke of the extinguished candle.

Allow the flowy energy of the moon to keep your writing utensil moving for the duration of your spell. The moon constantly cycles through the different phases, and so will your pen.

When your spell is complete, thank the moon for sharing its energy. In the morning, after your mind has had time to rest overnight, look over your ideas. See if any are capturing your attention.

Full Moon Scrying Spell

This is another magical method for drawing out the ideas of your subconscious. It draws on the energy of the full moon.

To perform this spell, fill a cauldron or dark-colored bowl with water. Bring the cauldron outside and position it so the full moon is reflected in the water. If this isn’t possible because the moon is obscured with clouds or building, light a candle instead. You’ll need some kind of light source in order to see into the water.

Sit by your cauldron close enough so you can look straight down into the water. Take a moment to acknowledge the moon energy that has flooded your space. Allow it to cleanse your space of any unwanted energy. If you’re performing this spell inside, close your eyes and visualize the moon’s energy seeping in through the ceiling and filling your space.

Then set your intention. For this spell, you can say, “The glowing energy of the full moon illuminates the ideas inside of me that are ready to be birthed.”

Drop a bit of food coloring into your water—a few drops is plenty. Watch the food coloring move in the water under the surface. This is similar to the way your creative ideas floating around in your subconscious.

Soften your gaze as you stare into the water. Play with focusing and unfocusing your eyes. Jot down any images, thoughts, or symbols that appear under the surface of the water. This can get somewhat abstract, and that’s fine. You’re probably not going to see a perfectly formed image materialize in the water. This process is similar to when you were a kid staring up at the sky, picking out shapes in the clouds. That’s basically how scrying works. The movements, images or patterns that appear in the water are your ideas that are ready for you to manifest into the world.

Colors Of The Moon Spell

You can use this moon spell to connect to your creativity with colors. This spell will work best during the full moon because that’s when the moon is at its brightness, but you can experiment with it during the other phases as well.

To do this spell, gather up paints, colored pencils, crayons, or any medium of your choice in an assortment of colors. You should at least have the primary and secondary colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. You’ll also need a sheet of paper.

Bring your materials outside or by a window, and set your intention as you stare at the moon.

Make up your own intention, or use this one: “I see beyond what is in the physical world.”

Next, close your eyes immediately after and pay attention to what colors you “see” behind your eyelids. Also, notice any patterns or symbols that appear.

After a moment or so, open your eyes and draw what you saw on your piece of paper. Don’t second guess yourself here. Self-doubt can sometimes dilute an amazingly creative idea. The color (or colors) will likely appear the moment you shut your eyes and they’ll start fading immediately. Don’t look up a second time. Trust that what you saw behind your eyelids the first time was exactly what you needed to see.

Once you’ve drawn and colored in whatever you saw behind your eyes, fold up your paper and place it under your pillow. Your “peek” into what is beyond this world will interact with your subconscious as you sleep. Take notice of any ideas that come to you the following day.

Set Deadlines With Moon Energy

For some witchy artists, creativity significantly increases when the pressure is on. Deadlines can be excellent motivators when you feel like the ideas just aren’t flowing.

You can set deadlines for any creative projects that seemed to have lost momentum by the changing phases of the moon.

The full moon is a time to celebrate all you have accomplished so it’s the most obvious choice for a project deadline. The new moon is another auspicious time for a deadline because it holds the energy of completion and new beginnings.

To do this, write down a list of all the steps you’ll need to do to complete your creative project. Assign “mini-deadlines” for each of your tasks and write those dates down next to each task. All of these tasks should lead up to your big deadline that will correspond with the full moon (or new moon).

At the bottom of the paper, write down a way you plan to celebrate completing your creative project. This can be buying yourself a new crystal, taking a ritual bath, making your favorite meal, or any other healthy indulgence.

Next, tape your list of tasks to the inside of a window where it will be able to soak up all those wonderful moonbeams.

Check each task off as you complete it. Celebrate everything you’ve accomplished on the night of the full moon. If you’ve completed your list of tasks, burn the list and scatter the ashes outside under the moon. If you still have unfinished tasks, honor yourself for setting a goal, and set a new deadline for yourself—perhaps the upcoming new moon or the next full moon.

Creativity & The Moon

There are many ways you can access the deep and magical information you have stored up in your subconscious. The moon is one way to explore your shadow side but there are many other energy sources available to witches for this kind of work.

For example, the full moon scrying spell can be made into a sun spell. Go outside during the day and light incense. Gaze into the smoke and record what you see. A variation of the moon deadline spell can be to set goals with the seasons rather than by moon phase.

Enjoy experimenting with all new ways to awaken your creativity! Each time you perform a creativity spell, you’re unlocking more of the unique magic the lives inside you!

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4 Powerful Lunar Spells To Boost Your Creativity by The Traveling Witch

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