7 Ways To Use The Power Of The Sea In Your Magic

The beach has always felt magical to me, even before I knew what real magic was. I love the smell of the water, the rhythmic crash of waves, and the breeze that tickles my shoulders as I soak in the sun.

I’ve gotten to visit the beach a couple times since becoming a witch, and now I finally realize why it seemed to hold a sort of mystical energy.

It is overflowing with natural magical tools for witches to work with. There is abundance everywhere you look—water, sand, shells, and seagulls—and all of it can be used for witchcraft!

Whether you live near the ocean or travel there on vacation, make sure you take some time between your sandcastle-making and your boogie boarding to perform a spell or two. Such a majestic place will almost certainly give your spells a power as big as the ocean itself.

Here are seven spells and rituals that are sure to make your day at the beach magical.

Elemental Beach Meditation

Perform an elemental spell using only your mind and the sensory experience of being at the beach. To do this, sit in a comfortable position. This can be directly on the sand, on a towel, or on a beach chair.

Close your eyes and state your intention for your spell. You can do any intention you want. Personally, I like to do self-love spells to improve my body image when I’m at the beach because I get a bit self-conscious when I’m wearing a swimsuit.

For my self-love spell, I’ll something like, “I love and celebrate my body for how it serves me and allows me to experience this beautiful world.”

(Say this aloud or in your head.)

Then call in each element and take a moment to connect with the element as your experience from your beach chair.

You can say, “I call in the element of earth to the north to power my spell today.” Then run your fingers over the sand or burrow your toes into it, enjoying your interaction with the earth.

Next, call on the element of water to the west. As you do that, listen for the crash of waves or the smell of the salty sea water.

Then call on the element of fire to the south and notice how the sun warms your skin.

Finally, call on the element of air to the east. Listen for the call of seagulls, or notice the gentle breeze that sweeps over your shoulders.

Once you’ve called in the elements, meditate on your intention until you feel complete. When you’re done, thank each element for participating in your magic and allow it to go.

Seashell Runes

There are many beautiful rune sets you can buy in stores or online, but you can also make a set of seashell runes that is truly unique. All you need is a permanent marker (like a Sharpie) or paint and a collection of seashells.

You can create a ritual out of the whole process. First, talk a walk along the sandy shoreline and gather up any seashells that catch your eye. There are several different kinds of rune systems, but one of the most popular are Elder Futhark runes. If you choose to work with that kind of rune system, you’ll need 25 shells.

Once you have your shells, look up the Elder Futhark rune symbols and draw one symbol on the smooth side of each shell. Do this intuitively. Trust that each shell you select is the right one for the symbol you’re drawing on it. Traditionally, 24 of your shells will have symbols and one will remain blank. Use your sea shell runes for divination and keep them wrapped up in a cloth when not in use.

Note: Make sure you check the local laws to find out exactly what you can and can’t remove from a beach or preserve.

Use Ocean Water To Charge Your Magical Tools

Many witches believe ocean water represents abundance. It’s easy to see where that idea came from. You look at the ocean, and you can’t help but feel a sense of vastness. The ocean reminds us that there is more than enough for all of us.

Abundance energy can be used for a variety of spells. A lot of times abundance is associated with financial abundance, but it can also bring abundant love, abundant protection, or abundant ideas.

If you have any magical tools that you’d like to charge with abundance energy, dip them in the ocean one at a time. As you do this, focus on the vast expanse of water stretching out before you. You’ll be able to catch that energy in your magical tools and use it later on to call in an abundance of anything you desire.

Small cauldrons, wands, candles, and jars are excellent objects to charge in ocean water. You can also charge crystals in water, but make sure your type of crystal is water-safe. For example, selenite will dissolve in water and pyrite can put out toxins when submerged in water. Citrine, rose quartz, clear quartz, smoky quartz, and amethyst are all safe to charge with ocean water.

If you don’t want to lug your magical tools to the beach, fill a jar with ocean water and bring it back with you to anoint your tools.

For a powerful money spell, place a drop of ocean water on several coins. Arrange them in a circle around a green candle. Visualize the abundant energy of the ocean washing over your life and see how it changes the image of your life in your mind. Allow the candle to burn down and your spell is complete.

Driftwood Wand

If you come across a piece of driftwood that is the right shape and size, you can use it as a magic wand. Hold the wand in your right hand and point the tip of it to the focal point on your altar or to the place you’re directing energy.

You can also use your driftwood wand to draw sigils, words, or pictures in the sand.

Beach Moon Bath

Many people associate sunshine with the beach, but it’s also the ideal place to practice moon magic. This is because the moon is closely linked to the ocean tides.

To strengthen your connection with the moon and invite its mysterious energy into your life, take a moon bath on the beach just after sunset.

To do this, light three tea lights—one to represent the waxing moon, one for the full moon, and one for the waning moon. Then simply sit under the moon and allow its energy to seep into your skin. Breathe in the moonbeams, and let yourself become immersed in its energy.

You can take a moon bath even during a cloudy night. The moon is still up there, and you can absorb its energy regardless of the amount of light it’s giving off.

Gaze at the waves gliding up and down the beach. Meditate on the natural cycles of the moon and the tides. Think about the natural cycles that you honor in your own life like the ebb and flow of your work week or the way your activities change with the seasons. If you’ve been feeling off-balance, allow this beach moon bath to bring you back into alignment.

If it’s warm enough, let the waves tumble over the tops of your feet as you bask in the lunar energy all around you. Thank the moon and the ocean for being present in your ritual when you are finished. Extinguish your three candles and your moon bath is complete.

Beachy Crystal Grid

Crystal grids are a popular form of magic, and you can easily incorporate an assortment of beachy finds into your crystal grids!

The way I create a beachy crystal grid is to start with an intention. Draw a picture, sigil, or word in the sand that represents your intention. To use a very basic example, you can draw a heart for a self-love spell, or a dollar sign to call in money. That can be the center of your grid. Next, arrange seashells, colored sea glass, sand dollars in large circles around your center. I like to use circles when working with water-themed objects because circles represent cycles, like the cycles of the tides.

After that, add any crystals that support your intention around your grid to create a pattern that is aesthetically pleasing to you.

Let each item hold meaning. For example, sand dollars to me represent money. Seashells represent home and protection because shells provide shelter and protection to various sea critters. Pieces of seaweed represent fertility, growth, and new ideas.

Sit by your beach grid and meditate on your intention as you listen to the gentle sounds of the sea. When you’re done, you can collect your objects, or if you’re ok with parting with your seashell collection, leave your grid up so it can continue to work its magic.

Beach Ritual Bath

Bring the beach home with you by taking a beachy ritual soak.

While you’re at the beach, dip a clear quartz crystal and a citrine crystal in the ocean to charge the stones with ocean energy.

Gather up a handful of seashells to take home (as long as it’s ok to remove the shells from the beach).

At home, draw a bath starting with lukewarm water and place your clear quartz and citrine stones. Gradually increase the temperature once the stones are submerged. Add one cup of sea salt as the tub is filling up. Then add your collection of washed seashells into your bath. Close your eyes and allow the soothing energy of the ocean-charged stones and shells to relax you.

How The Beach Can Breathe New Life Into Your Magical Practice

These are just a few examples of the way you can co-create magic with the beach. There are many more ways to explore this type of magic. You may have different associations with the beach than other witches. Maybe ocean water makes you think of adventure or excitement rather than abundance. In that case, you may find it more appropriate to use ocean water in your travel spells rather than money spells.

Beach magic is a relatively popular form of magic, and some witches refer to themselves exclusively as sea witches. However, you definitely don’t have to identify as a sea witch to perform spells with the ocean. This magic is for anyone who is willing to dream big and co-create with this powerful source of energy!

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7 Ways To Use The Power Of The Sea In Your Magic by The Traveling Witch


  1. Thank you for this wonderful lesson. I live very close to the beach and will certainly be adding some of these practises to my times there. I already use the beach for mindfulness and meditation and beachcomb as part of this.

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