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7 Marvelous Ways To Use Dirt In Your Witchcraft

Dirt is quite possibly the most underestimated magical tool in all of witchcraft. It’s free. You can find it virtually anywhere. Maybe you’re not so into dirt because much of your interaction with it has been when you’re trying to vacuum it out of the floor mats of your car. But dirt is magical. It has the power to support a wide variety of your witchy intentions, and it can store all kinds of energy depending on where you get your dirt from and how you use it.

If you’ve never used dirt in your magic, get excited. You’re about to get down and dirty with your witchy self.

How To Use Your Craft To Reclaim Your Personal Power

As much as I love the excitement of the holidays, the cool weather, and being able to see more of my family and friends I have to admit, I find the holidays pretty draining. There’s the stress of orchestrating social engagements, trying to make sure that family events don’t wind up a disaster and the inevitable moments of feeling ostracized or belittled because a relative doesn’t think my craft, my identity, or my political beliefs are valid. When this happens to me, I’ve found that one of the fastest ways to recover is to reclaim this lost power and energy, to call it back to me and remove the hold that moment in time held over me.

How To Cleanse: The Ultimate Guide For New Witches

Cleansing is one of those subjects that gets bandied around a lot but can be unfortunately vague for newer witches. There are dozens of methods, different purposes behind each method, and often the needed information is buried in a mountain of spiritual nonsense and vague soliloquies. It’s no wonder that cleansing is something I get asked about on a daily basis! Today, I'm going to clear up the confusion in this Ultimate Guide to Cleansing.