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5 Ways To Add Kitchen Magic To Your Craft

While some people may look down their noses at the more domestic folk magic done in the kitchen, this brand of magic holds a deep power that is knitted into the fabric of our lives. After all, there’s nothing more essential to our lives than food and community and our kitchens often provide us with both. These rituals and traditions form the basis of a kitchen witch’s practice and the energy that a lively kitchen can harness is nothing to be scoffed at.

The Luxury Love Spell: Red Wine Hot Chocolate

My favorite sort of love has always been the kind that feels exceptionally indulgent and luxurious. Like taking a warm bath with a glass of champagne by candlelight. I wanted to embody that sort of indulgence with this spell and it’s that exact sort of love that this spell is designed to attract. It’s rich and velvety and hell, it combines chocolate and wine! What more could you want?