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3 Hexes To Use When You Need To Make Your Stand

There are a lot of conflicting ideas about hexes and curses in witchcraft, and if you’re uncertain whether or not you want to take that route, there are always banishing spells out there if you just want someone to go away. However, some of us are unlucky enough to know there are times when banishing is just not enough.

Hexing Your Enemies With A Guilty Conscience

On occasion, the witch finds themselves stuck in a bind. All too often people go about being hurtful and destructive and they either have no idea how their actions affect the people around them, or worse, they simply don’t care. In these situations it’s common to turn to a curse or binding but those options can often seem unfulfilling, they don’t necessarily teach a lesson and it may not stop the offender from repeating the behavior on some new victim.