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15 Of The Best Tools And Ingredients For The Broke Witch

Getting started as a witch can be truly daunting, even more so now that we have access to thousands of blogs and photos that show us how other witches are practicing. It can be hard not to look at these more experienced witches and not feel discouraged, after all, many of us have been collecting tools, supplies, and books for years! It seems like there’s a list a mile long of things you need or want to practice witchcraft and many of them come with a price tag. 

For lots of new witches, you may not have the extra cash laying around to drop on these items (or maybe you do and just aren’t ready for that much of a commitment!). Whatever your reasons for keeping your practice money-light, witchcraft doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are 15 tools and ingredients that are perfect for the witch on a budget!