3 Ways To Boost Your Creative Power With Magic

Art is powerful. Most people believe that. The act of creating something that was once a tiny spark of an idea is truly magical. It’s manifestation at its purest level. And I’m not just talking about making something physical like a painting, a scrapbook, a knitted scarf or a clay pot—all creativity is a form of manifesting. Poems, screenplays, novels, web design, and podcasting all fall into this category too. They involve taking an idea and growing it into something complete and authentic.

Maybe you’re like my dad, who staunchly claims to have no creative talent whatsoever. But the thing is, even HE creates things. It’s impossible to be human and NOT be creative in some kind of way on a daily basis. Cooking, working on marketing plans, problem-solving, party planning, flower arranging, fashion, fixing your sink, playing music, and landscaping can all involve just as much creativity as painting a canvas.

We are creative. It’s who we are.

So the next time you decide to sit down and write that screenplay you’ve been thinking about, or maybe you just need a creative solution to a problem you’ve been dealing with, try adding a little magic. Here are three magical ways to ignite your creativity.

Creativity With The Elements

Before you begin a project where you know you’ll need some creativity, call in the elements to help you! The four cardinal elements all have a special power to aid you in your creative endeavor.

What you’ll need:

  • An object to represent earth like a crystal, a tarot card from the pentacle suit, salt, a bowl of dirt, herbs, a flower, or anything brown or green.
  • An object to represent water like a bowl of water, a blue crystal (or any other blue object), a shell, a cup of tea, a tarot card from the cups suit.
  • An object to represent fire like a candle, anything red or orange, a tarot card from the wands suit, or any object that you associate with the element of fire.
  • An object to represent air like incense, a tarot card from the swords suit, a hot beverage with steam rising from it, an essential oil diffuser, a feather, or something purple or yellow.

When you’re sitting at your workspace, or wherever you plan on doing your creative task, figure out which way is north, east, south, and west. If you’re not sure and you don’t have a compass, many phones have compass apps that can do this for you.

Take a moment to cleanse your space before you begin.

Place your earth object in the direction of north in your space, and call that element to lend it’s creative power to your project.

To do this, think about how the earth can help you with this particular project. Think about the qualities that the element of earth has. For example, the earth is fertile, it grows things, it holds the essence of creation, it offers grounding energy and stability. Can any of those help you with your current project?

You can say anything you want when you call the earth. Here’s an example if I was calling the earth to be present as I worked on my screenplay.

“I call on the power of the earth to the north. Bring your growing energy to help me take this screenplay from one page to a hundred pages.”

Next, move on to water and place your object in the direction of west in your workspace. Go through the same process to call this element to your space. Think about the qualities of water. It’s associated with emotions, relationships, psychic abilities, and cleansing energy. It also flows.

Again, say whatever feels right to you. Here’s what I’d say if I was calling on water to help me with my screenplay.

“I call on the water to the west. Send me your flow so that my words may pour out of my heart and into my story.”

Call in the element of fire next. Personally, I associate fire with passion, transformation, enthusiasm, motivation, and success.

For me, I’d call on fire saying this:

“I call on the power of fire. Give me the motivation to power through any difficult scenes so I can finish with as much enthusiasm as when I started.

Lastly, call in the element of air. I associate the element of air with thoughts, mental clarity, ideas, and logic.

I could say something like:

“I call on the power of Air. Bring me mental clarity to choose the right words so others may understand and connect with my story.

Once you’ve called in all your elements, start your project! Notice if you feel any of the elements specific energies as you’re working. Also, notice if any elements make their way into your art in some beautiful, unexpected way. When you’re done, thank the elements one at a time and say goodbye going in the reverse order. In this case, air first, and finishing with earth.

It can be as simple as, “Thank you, Air, for lending your power. You are free to go.”

Plant Creativity Spell

This spell is perfect if you have a project that will take at least a month or longer to accomplish such as writing a novel, painting a mural, rehearsing for a play, or completing a big postgraduate paper.

What you’ll need:

  • A seed
  • A small piece of paper
  • A pot or a garden to plant the seed in

Write the desired result of your creative project on the strip of paper. Use first-person, present tense when you do this. Use language that really gets you excited.

Here are a few examples:

“I receive a standing ovation on the opening night of my show.

“I look at my finished work and feel satisfied knowing my family will be able to enjoy it for years to come.”

“I walk into a bookstore and see the novel I wrote on display.”

“I see a huge smile on my friend’s face when I give her the hat I crocheted her.”

Dig a hole in your garden, or prepare your pot with soil. Fold up your paper up and place it in the hole. Place the seed in the hole beside the paper. Cover the seed and your intention with dirt.

As the seed grows, so will your creative endeavor. Every time you water this plant, you’ll think about your intention. It will grow stronger and stronger until you’ve manifested your desired result. If it doesn’t happen the way you wanted, that’s ok. Trust that whatever unfolds is for your highest good, and keep watering that plant! Perhaps you didn’t get the standing ovation on opening night, but it will happen when you’re four performances in and someone important to you is sitting in the audience.

If you’ve planted an herb or an edible plant, you can harvest a bit of this plant and use it in a celebratory meal after your spell is completed.

Magical Card Storytelling Spell

If you’re working on a project and you’re just plain stuck, this creativity spell can help you open your mind to new possibilities and solutions.

What you’ll need:

  • A deck of tarot or oracle cards
  • An orange birthday candle (or whatever color you have on hand)
  • A fireproof container like a cauldron
  • A journal and writing utensil

Separate the “Hanged Man” card and the “Fool” card from your tarot deck. If you’re using an oracle deck, select two cards from the deck. Pick one that represents a shift in perspective and one that represents new possibilities.

Place the hanged man so the card is upside-down (in the Rider-Waite tarot deck it will make the hanged man look like he is standing upright, no longer hanging upside-down). If you’re using another deck, position the card that represents a shift in perspective so that the image appears upside down.

Set the “Fool” card or the card that represents new beginnings beside the other card.

Hold your orange candle between your palms and set your intention. It can be something like, “Open my mind to allow inspiration to flow towards me. Shift my perspective so I can see what I couldn’t before.”

Now turn the Hanged Man, or your perspective-shifting card right side up. (In Rider-Waite, this will make him appear like he’s hanging upside-down again.)

This card is representing you, and you’ve just shifted your perspective. You’re now in the perfect mindset for creativity.

Carefully melt the bottom of your birthday candle so a drop or two falls into your fireproof container. Stick the candle upright in the wax and hold it until the wax dries enough to keep the candle in place. Do not leave this candle unattended. Make sure you take the necessary precautions when working with fire.

Light the orange candle.

Pick up the “Fool” card or your “new possibilities” card, and hold it in your hand a moment.

Next, think up the first sentence of his story. Don’t overthink this. Go with the first thing that pops into your mind. It’s totally fine if your story doesn’t make sense or it’s kind of bizarre.

For example, I might pick up the Fool card and say, “A man, James, receives a break-up letter from his true love, and he packs a bag to go on a quest to win her back.”

Now pick up the rest of the deck, and draw the next card. Hold that card a moment, connect with its energy. Then make up the next sentence from the energy of that card, continuing with the story.

Let’s say I draw the Seven of Cups, a card that warns, “Be careful what you wish for”. My sentence might be: “James knew that if he could just see his beloved in person on more time, she’d change her mind about him and they could be happy. He walked confidently with a spring in his step.”

Now draw a third card, and create another sentence.

You can speak these sentences aloud, or write them in your journal. The important thing is to not censor yourself. Allow any and all ideas to flow from you and trust that your deck is going to guide with each card.

Again, don’t worry if your story isn’t Shakespeare. This is your magic. This is your time to play without any judgment or worries.

When the candle burns down completely (usually about 15-20 minutes) or you run out of cards, your spell is complete.

Go back to your project and see if you have a spark of inspiration or an idea comes to you that gets you unstuck.

Creativity & Magic

These two things go so well together, they’re almost impossible to separate. Each time you perform any spell, you are creating something. In this sense, all of your witchcraft can be a sort of creativity spell. As with anything else, celebrate the creativity you have, and more will come. Whether or not you consider yourself “creative”, know that you were born with the power to create.

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  1. I love these ideas for creativity! When I get a "block" I will try these things! I am an eclectic artist…. jewelry, beadwork, altered art, any crafts.
    Thank you for these spells!

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