The 8 Magical Benefits Of Social Media

Social media is a controversial topic, particularly in the spiritual community. People say social media is distracting. It causes us to compare our lives to others. It’s addicting. It spreads misinformation. The list goes on. But there’s another side to this ever-changing internet phenomenon.

Despite its flaws, social media can be magical. If you approach it with a witchy mindset and intuitive discernment, you’ll be able to harness its limitless power to elevate your witchcraft. Here are eight magical benefits of social media.

#1: Social media help you get clear on what you want.

You know that awful feeling you get when you’re scrolling through your social media newsfeed, and you see an engagement announcement from your old flame or a re-tweeted article praising the accomplishments of one of your high school acquaintances?

Whenever I see something on social media that makes me feel bad about myself, I ask: Why do I feel this way?

Often times, the answer is because I want what that other person has. I’m envious—plain and simple.

And for the record, it’s TOTALLY OK to be envious. It’s incredibly valuable information to have.

I feel a tightness in my chest whenever I see my author friend posting reviews of her latest novel because I want to write a novel, too. That uncomfortable feeling I get looking at her profile is my intuition reminding me that creating a story is something that’s deeply important to me. It’s a reminder that maybe I shouldn’t be focusing all of my magical energy on money and career spells. Maybe I need to perform more creativity spells.

If I hadn’t seen my author friend’s posts on social media, I don’t know if I’d have the same urgency to write that I do now.

What makes social media so powerful is that we aren’t usually looking up celebrities or public figures. We’re seeing the accomplishments of our friends, family members, and people we grew up with—people on the same level as us. We have emotional connections to these people, so looking at their lives brings up emotions without ourselves. Those emotions are what can steer us towards things we want.

#2: It helps you believe that big goals are possible.

When you’re performing a spell, it’s important to not only get clear about what you’re trying to manifest, but it’s also imperative that you believe that the thing you want is possible for you.

Social media can help with this. If you find yourself pursuing a big goal, you’ll likely be able to find someone on social media who has achieved that goal. With a few clicks, you can get an inside look at what his or her life is like.

Yes, social media is usually pretty curated, and yes, it might not show the whole truth, but it’s still showing you what’s possible. If just one person can achieve something, that means it’s achievable.

Remember that the next time you’re sitting down to perform a spell. The thing you want IS achievable. It happened for that person you follow on social media, and it will likely happen for others in the future as well. Might as well happen for you, too.

You can even make a ritual out of looking at someone’s social media if it feels exciting and inspiring for you. Scroll through that person’s profile pictures and visualize yourself stepping into that life. Get lost in the feelings and emotions that rise up in you as you do this. Pair this visualization technique with your favorite candle spell or tarot spell.

#3: You can find and connect with other witches.

Many modern witches have to practice alone. They aren’t part of a coven or a magical family of any kind. Social media can offer support and information to solitary witches all over the world. There are numerous witchy groups popping up all over Facebook. The discussion in these groups can enrich your witchcraft.

This is especially helpful if you have to practice your magic in private. Social media can be your source for learning and encouragement without having to go to events or meet up with other witches.

If you’re particularly drawn to the content of specific witches, you can follow them on social media to learn about the specific spells they use and the kind of magic they perform. Give their spells a try as is, or modify them to fit your personal situation. The best part of this is you can easily reach out to these witches by commenting or messaging them if you have any questions on why they do things the way they do.

This sort of interactive social media “mentoring” that you can receive by following and commenting on the profiles of other witches is reminiscent of how witches learned in the past—through apprenticeships and passing info from one witch to another.

#4: You can perform spells and rituals with other witches in real-time.

If you choose to become part of a witchcraft group on social media or start your own with a few witchy friends, you can coordinate spells together. Facebook live and Instagram live offer convenient ways to perform magic and spells in real-time. There are also online communities that offer livestreams of different magical rituals like full moon or new moon ceremonies. Thanks to social media, witches can simply open up their laptops or log in with their phones to participate in a spell or ritual with their fellow witches. No costly travel or elaborate planning necessary. Youtube has thousands of videos that walk witches through traditional rituals such as “calling in the quarters” or how to perform a candle spell.

#5: You can find spells for your practice.

There are witches on Instagram, Pinterest, and other social platforms who post pictures and step-by-step instructions for their own spells. This makes finding spells so easy. All you have to do is search for “money spells” or “urban witchcraft” on Pinterest or #witch on Instagram, and you’ll discover a wealth of information created and shared by other modern witches who have found solutions to current day problems. If you can only practice your magic in an urban setting, follow an urban witch. You no longer have to dig through old books full of spells that aren’t relevant to you.

#6: Social media can be your digital grimoire.

Social media makes it easy for you to collect and organize your spells right on your social media platforms. Pinterest allows you to create boards for the pins you find. You can create a board that you use as a digital grimoire of sorts. Gather up any pins you find for spells, magical information or images that you can refer back to whenever you sit down to perform a spell.

Another benefit to a Pinterest grimoire is that you can set your board to private. Rest easy knowing all the spells you save can only be accessed by you via your social media login if you want.

Instagram has a bookmarking feature as well now. You can find other witches by following certain hashtags and bookmark any posts you want to access again. Like Pinterest, these bookmarked collections can be made private. Your friends or family members on social media will not be able to see what you’re bookmarking or have access to your collection. Even the witches you follow won’t be able to see if you’re bookmarking their content.

Plus, no one will think anything of it when they see you scrolling through your phone. You probably won’t be able to explain to your non-witchy friends and family why you have a huge book of spells in your room. When your grimoire is saved on your social media, you’ll be able to add literally thousands of spells without creating a paper trail.

Social media grimoires are also so easy to add to or change. One tap of your finger can save a spell to your collection. Another tap can remove a spell when it’s no longer relevant to you. No complicated papers to sort through and dispose of.

My favorite aspect of keeping a social media grimoire is that you’ll always have it with you, right in your pocket.

#7: You can cast spells with emojis.

I stumbled across an article that discussed how to use emojis to cast spells. It was fascinating. Basically, you can use an emoji you associate with magic like the crystal ball, a unicorn, or the twinkly star emoji to bracket your spell. Then you place a series of emojis inside the brackets that communicate the specifics of your spell.

For example, a spell for a good money-making idea can be communicated with an emoji to represent yourself, a lightbulb, a flying bundle of dollars bracketed with two crystal balls. Because there are so many emojis, the possibilities for spellcasting are truly endless. Like magic, emojis are meant to be used intuitively. Go with what feels right and don’t be afraid to experiment with this form of modern magical symbolism.

You can post these emoji spells on your social media profiles to send them out into the universe, or you can send them to yourself through the DM feature on Twitter.

#8: You can create a witchy movement.

We’ve all seen the power of a hashtag gone viral. Politicians, celebrities and nonprofit organizations have made amazing things happen (good things and bad things) by starting a movement on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If they can do it, why can’t witches do it, too? With social media, any witch can start a movement with the right hashtag and and messaging. If you see something unjust happening in the magical community or in the world in general, start a hashtag with a call to action. Give your fellow witches a spell or intention they can use to help further your cause. You never know what miracles can come from a single witch who decides to create a movement.

Social Media & Witchcraft

Social media and witchcraft are two things that have rapidly evolved in the last decade. Some witches believe social media is actually one of the driving forces behind this recent growth of modern witchcraft. Magical information is not only readily available, but it’s also becoming more acceptable and mainstream.

Social media isn’t perfect—it has the ability to spread false information just as quickly as truth. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a powerful way to level up your magic practice. When you’re using social media to gather spells, you will likely find some information that doesn’t seem correct to you. Just remember to only take what resonates with you, and leave the rest. Your intuition will never steer you wrong.

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The 8 Magical Benefits Of Social Media by The Traveling Witch

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