From Curious To Casting

by Avery Hart

Newcomers to the practice of witchcraft often find themselves faced with the task of sifting through an absolutely absurd amount of information.

Nobody is there to tell you where to start, what you need to build a solid foundation or how to tell heads from tails!

If you've been caught in this confusing trap then this book is for you.

From Curious To Casting will help you cut through the confusion and gain confidence in your craft. It covers everything from magical safety to spell casting, basic energy work and the additional parts of a witches practice like working with lunar magic and seasonal energies.

In 30 days you can leave your confusion behind and become confident in your spell casting. Start exploring the intricacies of your personal practice and experience the incredible things you're capable of as a witch today!


With this 30 Day Guide you:

>  Get a simple, step by step introduction to the craft

>  Start your practice with TONS of beginner friendly spells at your fingertips

>  Learn not only HOW to practice witchcraft but also WHY what I teach works so that you can customize your craft and take your practice to the next level!

"I really like the format of the book. I truly appreciate how non-dogmatic it is, and how diverse and versatile it shows the craft to be. I really feel like one can personalize their practice exactly the way they want and need to, and you give us the tools to explore and experiment in different ways so that we can do just that. The advice is great and on point, and I'm very grateful for how detailed the instructions on magical and fire safety are. I am a very easily distracted person, so having it all spelled out basically step by step really helps!"

Lily Fulcrand


What is Traditional Witchcraft?

Traditional witchcraft is a form of folk magic based on reconstructed pre-modern magical practices and folklore.

It's not a large, formally organized practice, instead it's made up of individuals, families and small groups who personalize and alter their craft to suit their real world needs and desires.

This form of magic is incredibly versatile! My book is designed to provide a primer in folk magic practices but it is by no means meant to limit you in your craft. Instead, I encourage my students to broaden their horizons and customize their practice as they see fit.


Who is this book for?

Anyone interested in becoming a witch who wants to skip the long, confusing introductory phase and get straight to practicing real, powerful, exciting magic as soon as possible!

Witches who feel too scattered in their current practice who need to go "back to basics".


You can leave the next 30 days with:

  • All of the foundational knowledge you need to safely and effectively practice witchcraft
  • A basic understanding of spellwork and magical theory along with their practical applications
  • A new sense of confidence and control over your craft and your life!

Meet the Author:

Hi, my name is Avery! I've been a lifelong witch, learning first from my mother and then from mentors and self study as I began to branch out from the traditional craft of my family. Now I practice a blend of traditional folk witchcraft and sex magic with a modern flair.

Witchcraft has been the guiding force of my life as I pursue deeper knowledge and intuitive connection. I have found happiness and growth in my magic and have found even greater joy in sharing it with others!


What's in the book?


How to Use This Book

Chapter 1: Foundations

Chapter 2: Preparing for Witchcraft

Keeping a Grimoire
A Witches Tools
Magical Safety
Mediation & Visualization
Creating a Daily Practice

Chapter 3: Working With Energetic Forces

Cleansing & Charging
Spell Reversal

Chapter 4: Aspects of a Practice

Magical Theory
Seasonal Magic
Lunar Magic
Magical Oils
Creating an Herbal Toolkit

Chapter 5: Spell Crafting

Water Spell Crafting
Fire Spell Crafting
Earth Spell Crafting
Air Spell Crafting

Final Notes


Frequently Asked Questions



Is From Curious To Casting available in print?

No, at the moment this book is only available as a digital download.


What devices can I download the book on?

This book is available to download in two formats, EPUB and MOBI. This means that the book will be compatible with any device including iOS devices, Kindle, Nook, Kobo e-readers,  Android devices and pretty much anything else you could hope to read on.


How do I go about putting this book on my e-reader?

After purchase you'll receive two download options (EPUB or MOBI) along with instructions for which option to choose for your preferred e-reader. For most devices simply downloading the appropriate file to the device and opening it will work. For Kindle users, there are additional instructions available after purchase to ensure that transferring the book to your Kindle device or app is as simple as possible.

If you have trouble downloading your book onto any device feel free to contact me! I can help you through the process so that you can enjoy your book without too much hassle.


Still Not sure if it's for you?

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