The 2019 Witch's Calendar & Planner

by Avery Hart

Keeping track of the full witch's year has never been easier with this calendar and planner duo!


This beautifully minimalist calendar printable is perfect for witches of all kinds. With 12 full page monthly spreads, a weekly planner spread, and a daily planner spread, this printable set will carry you through your entire year with ease. 

No more forgetting full moons, missing eclipses, or forgetting about holidays until the last second! 

Get the printable witch's calendar and planner to organize and streamline your craft today. With this calendar you will always be prepared for the major events that govern a witch's life. And there's plenty of space for you to use as well! Write in personally significant dates, schedule rituals and spells, and plan your magical life with ease.


This calendar comes packed with:

  • Moon phases for each month

  • Astrological events like planetary retrogrades

  • The dates for meteor showers and blue moons

  • All of the holidays from the wheel of the year

  • And more!



Can I buy a physical copy of the calendar?

No, this calendar and planner duo is only available as a digital download. The download file is a PDF so printing it is a snap. 


What is the witch's year?

The witch's year is a collection of events that affect the energetic quality of our magic and the world around us. It's comprised of seasonal changes, holidays, moon phases, astrological events, and so much more. I've left out some of the more fiddly details like the qualities of the days of the week and some of the larger considerations such as seasonal changes are left to the individual (since that changes depending on location!) but I've covered all of the major events that might interest or affect the modern witch.


Who is this calendar for?

Anyone looking to keep track of the major events that might affect their craft throughout the year.

Witches who want to find more structure and seasonal flow in their practice.

People who just plain struggle to keep track of magical dates, times, and events! Life is busy, make witchcraft fit into your busy life a little easier with the 2019 Witch's Calendar & Printable!


Meet the Creator:

Hi, my name is Avery! I've been a lifelong witch, learning first from my mother and then from mentors and self study as I began to branch out from the traditional craft of my family. Now I practice a blend of traditional folk witchcraft and sex magic with a modern flair.

Witchcraft has been the guiding force of my life as I pursue deeper knowledge and intuitive connection. I have found happiness and growth in my magic and have found even greater joy in sharing it with others!

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