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"I'm brand new to this  witchcraft thing. I don't even know where to start! I want an easy, quick way to start learning!"


"I'm ready to take the learning to the next level. I want an in depth resource that shows me exactly how to become a witch!"


"I'm already a witch and I have a bit of experience. I need more resources, spells and references for my practice though!"




This is the place to find no nonsense, useful information about witchcraft that meets your needs as a modern witch.

Magical texts are often outdated, sexist, racist, appropriative or flat out unhelpful. It's time to do away with this trend!

Yes, you can be a witch without giving up your values or having to struggle through page after page of outdated material. I'm here to show you how!

INTREPID CROW is dedicated to helping you learn and grown in your craft in a way that brings traditional magic into the twenty-first century!




Hi, my name is Avery! I've been a lifelong witch, learning first from my mother and then from mentors and self study as I began to branch out from the traditional craft of my family. Now I practice a blend of traditional folk witchcraft and sex magic with a modern flair.

Witchcraft has been the guiding force of my life as I pursue deeper knowledge and intuitive connection. I have found happiness and growth in my magic and have found even greater joy in sharing it with others!



Basic Witchcraft: From Curious To Casting


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