Gaining Clairvoyance: How To Unlock The Sight

The ability to see the metaphysical world, also referred to as the Sight, is a psychic gift that is shrouded in mystique. It calls to our minds images of aura readers, ghosts or perhaps just that aunt who was always a bit odd and often spoke to seemingly empty rooms. For the witch, it can also be a rather enviable gift, symbolizing a touch of validity that many of us crave, giving us proof that our beliefs and practices are in fact, very real.

This desire to ground our practices in tangible experiences can be a wonderful thing! It’s often what keeps us questioning and learning and growing in our crafts.

Unfortunately, this gift can seem entirely out of reach. Most people assume that you either have the Sight naturally or you don’t have it at all and that’s the end of it. This could not be further from the truth. While it may be true that many people are naturally gifted with the Sight, pure chance is not the only way to obtain this ability. 

The Sight can be trained, much like any other skill, with time, dedication, and patience. The methods I suggest may seem simple but they do require regular repetition to be effective.

My method for helping students develop the Sight is a process of building energy channels from the heart center and third eye to the visual cortex of the brain which is at the very back of your head above where the spinal column connects. For a bit of visual reference, enjoy this lovely photo of a transparent head, the lit up bit is the visual cortex.

These channels allow energetic information to be transferred into tangible, understandable input. That said, the Sight can take many different forms. A few of my students find that they can see the metaphysical world as though it were physical but more frequently my students report that the Sight for them is more of a mental overlay on their visual sight, they see it in their minds eye, so to speak. Other forms that the Sight can take include simple flashes of color, shadow figures, points of light and occasionally just a sense that something is there even if no visuals present themselves. 

All of these are valid ways to experience the Sight!

It’s important to remember that there is no “correct” way for the Sight to be. Every individual will have a unique experience when learning to See and it’s far more beneficial to keep an open mind while pursuing this skill than it is to hold onto preconceived notions of what the Sight “should be” and completely miss out on your own amazing talents showing themselves in potentially exciting and unexpected ways.

To begin this exercise, find somewhere comfortable to sit and take a moment to breathe and feel into your energy body. When you’re ready, tap your fingers against the center of your chest to draw energy to the area and wake it up. Feel your heart center light up and focus on strengthening those sensations for a minute or two. Now trace two imaginary lines from the center of your chest up over each of your shoulders, up the back of your neck, finally coming together again at the visual cortex. Tap along these lines, focusing on building internal channels with each tap and moving energy within your body back and forth along the lines. 

I find visualization to be a very useful tool during this exercise, as you tap, imagine that you’re laying down a thread or channel of blue or gold light just underneath your skin. Feel the energy surge through these channels as you continue the exercise, causing them to light up.

After a few minutes of focus on the first set of channels you’re going to repeat the process, this time however you begin by tapping over your third eye. You then trace the channels from your third eye, around each side of your head, again ending over the visual cortex. When you have completed the process for these channels move to building a channel from the third eye over the crown of the head and to the visual cortex.

I recommend spending a fair amount of time focusing on this practice the first few time you try it. Spending 20 or 30 minutes on this meditation will help to cement the channels into your energy body and gradually as you become more proficient the amount of time and effort needed to refresh the channels shrinks. Most students find that with regular practice they can begin to manipulate energy through the channels without any tapping allowing them to charge the channels very quickly. 

It usually takes about two weeks to start seeing any change in the Sight and about two months before it starts getting good but, of course, your mileage may vary. If you practice this for a month or more without result please consult with me and allow me to help you move past any blocks that may be hindering you.

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  1. Hello I’m Ritu from India. In my country witchcraft is considers to be dark. That practitioners use dark energy, have ill intentions, and this and that. Although I’m not a witch or have practised wicca, I’m inquisitive to know about this religion. I have been practising Angel therapy for few months now. Before that I never believed in magic or inner power, but after coming close to my guardian Angels, acknowledging my inner strength to do impossible things and having experienced miracles, I’m willing to try and understand more about wicca and witchcraft.
    Thanks to YouTube and other Blogs I’ve gathered some information about third eye opening or Sight.
    I’ve heard that opening third eyes could have negative effects eg ghosts and demons begin to hunt us and could even lead to drainage of soul energy. I would like to know how much if this is true. And I’d also like to say after reading your blog I’ve become your fan. Your spells are simple and amazing. I love the five banishing spells and planning to try few, but will my Angel therapy be hampered. Can I practise both Angel and spells parallelly.
    English is not my native language so I’ll apologise if I couldn’t make you understand what I’m trying to ask.
    Thank you for this amazing blog.

    • There are “light and dark” in everything. Witchcraft such as Wicca is NEVER DARK. It’s their principle belief that everything practiced is for ONLY positive, or else avoid it. Only a small faction of witches or pagans practice anything dark.

  2. im in india too, witchcraft is only seen as a dark practice on the countryside, and there is much truth to it. Though most witches nowadays steer clear of the darker aspects of the practice.

  3. We all have light and dark in us the choice is the persons to choose what path they fallow be it for ill will or to hlep the world flouish and the people and creatures in it.

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