3 Money Spells To Make Your Life More Abundant

Money can be so many things. A source of stress, a source of comfort. It can be the thing we wish for above all else, thinking of it as the solution to so many problems in our lives. It is the root of the problem in so many situations. But that’s another post altogether…

The bottom line is, struggling to pay your bills is going to be hard on you, and the impulse to turn to quick-fix spells is strong (non-witches will turn to lottery tickets and similar last-ditch attempts). However, most money spells are inherently flawed because the put the focus of the spell on the wrong thing.   

To work successfully, spells must be feasible. It’s possible to fall in love and it’s possible to bring more peace to your life. These are natural things that are disrupted sometimes by the way our modern life works, but it’s possible to rebalance things — with spells if necessary — and unblock pathways so that we may have what will make us happier. Avery wrote a wonderful post about why money spells fail and I’d like to expand on that just a little by offering you a new way to look at spellwork and how to ask for favor from the universe when casting, this time specifically with spells involving money. Changing the way you look at something, seeing possibility and opportunity instead of wanting a quick fix, is the only way these spells will ever work.

I’m not writing this from my high horse, by the way (she’s on vacation). I perfectly understand the broke blues. I’ve researched fortune spells from libraries, online, and visited shops where I’ve bought money powder and the like. I’ve bought lottery tickets and was just sure I’d win. I’ve followed instructions to the absolute T — with no results. Once I realized I was actually spending more money on things to bring me money than I was earning from any of these endeavors, I decided maybe it was time to change the way I was looking at this situation.

Find Your Passion: Compass Spell  

It’s hard finding a job. It’s a hundred times harder finding a job you enjoy so much that it doesn’t feel like work anymore. Some people are born knowing what they want to do and these are the lucky ones. The rest of us usually try a few things and, hopefully, settle into something we’re good at and enjoy. But it’s not easy and with never-ending bills, many of us don’t have the luxury of trying things until we strike gold and find a job we love.

This spell is designed to guide you toward your passion. Instead of thinking in terms of a big payout, this spell will help you focus on the thing you’ll enjoy doing the most while also earning a living. How can you ever move forward if you don’t know where you’re going? Knowing what you want is half the battle and this spell will help light your way.

Best time to perform: With the waxing moon, on a Sunday

You will need:

  • Time (this spell requires patience)
  • Peppermint
  • One moonstone
  • One labradorite
  • One compass
  • Your grounding stone or talisman (to represent you in the spell)
  • One yellow candle
  • One pale blue candle
  • Tarot cards: High Priestess, The Empress, The Tower
  • A leaf from your area
  • A small bowl (big enough to hold the candle)
  • A small hand towel

To begin, place your blue candle in the bowl of saltwater then add your leaf to the bowl. Place the yellow candle to the left of the bowl, and sprinkle your peppermint around it. Light the yellow candle.  

Place your compass and High Priestess card before your yellow candle and set your grounding stone or talisman, moonstone, and labradorite on top of this card.

Recite these lines:

In thick forests, I find a path on a dark night

Sailing wild seas, I am a compass

I see a light

Light your blue candle. Set your Empress card to the right of your High Priestess card and move the stones to this card. Set your compass above it.

Recite these lines:

Guide my way when I am lost

The path that’s meant for me

Always was, always will

What I was born to be  

Remove your High Priestess and Empress cards and place your stones in the bowl. Take your compass and hold it in your hands, close your eyes and let the ideas flow to you. Let options appear to you, things you have always known, that will now make themselves loud and clear. Listen hard to your intuition and remember, you already have the answer. Don’t be afraid; you already know.  

Blow out your blue candle, remove your stones and discard the leaf. Set your Tower card before the yellow candle. Place your stones on top of this card.

Recite this line:

Now guide my way

Blow out the yellow candle. Carry the moonstone and labradorite with you for as long as necessary. The answer may not be clear to you yet, but it’s on its way.

New Job: The Ventana Spell  

Now that you’ve figured out what you want, it’s follow-through time. Depending on what you want to do, this can be tricky. This spell is about bringing opportunity your way — whether it’s just a stepping stone to a higher ground or landing your dream job — while giving you courage to be open to new things when they cross your path. This spell will also work for those who would simply like something new in their lives, career-wise. In the days and weeks after casting this spell, you should remain hypervigilant about all new people and “coincidences.” On a personal note, I cast this spell a few months ago and a day later got an email from the Traveling Witch calling for writers. In a completely uncharacteristic move, I applied, and now I’m doing something I actually enjoy. The key here is being open to new things and recognizing opportunity when it comes your way. This spell will call opportunity to you and you must be willing to say yes instead of no.

Best time to perform: With the new moon, on a Thursday

You will need:

  • Sea salt
  • Four green aventurine stones
  • One lodestone
  • Chamomile
  • Frankincense oil
  • Bay Leaves
  • Four small green taper candles and holders
  • A sharp tool to engrave the candles

To begin, mix together the salt, chamomile and frankincense oil, making sure not to make the mixture too wet. Only a few drops of frankincense are necessary. Use this mixture to draw a square, then draw a line down the middle of the square and then across. You should have what looks like a simple window shape formed from the salt and herb mixture.

On each corner of the square place a bay leaf, and at each endpoint of the cross place a green aventurine. In the center of your square, where the cross intersects, place your lodestone.

Take one drop of frankincense oil on your forefinger and touch it to the lodestone in the center of your square while reciting these words: Opportunity comes my way and I embrace it.

Inscribe these words on your four green candles, then repeat the anointing process with the frankincense oil on each candle. In each quarter of the square, place one green candle and light the candles in a clockwise fashion.

When the candles are halfway burned, dust away the horizontal line of your square. When the candles have finished burning, dust away the vertical line, so you are left with just your original square. This serves to “open the window” of opportunity and allow new energies into your life. Don’t remove the lodestone from the center of the square until the candles are completely burned down and extinguished. Carry the lodestone with you as a reminder. Since this stone has now been charged with your intention, it will work better for you if it’s kept close.

If you have not had any success within a few weeks, repeat this spell. The bay leaves and salt can be reused at that time and can be stored together in a small jar.

Advancement At Work: Dirty Quartz Spell

What’s better than being appreciated at work? Why, getting paid more, of course. This spell focuses on drawing attention to hard work and financially rewarding you for it. Note: If you’re underperforming at work this spell will bring your employer’s attention to it as well, so proceed with caution!

Best time to perform: With the waxing moon.  Note: It is suggested that this spell is performed outside if possible.

You will need:

  • One yellow or gold candle
  • Bergamot oil
  • One clear quartz
  • Pencil and paper for sigil making
  • A fireproof work surface

First, you must create a sigil for getting noticed at work and rewarded for it. Your line of intent should be something along the lines of, “My employer notices my good work and offers me a promotion.” You may word this any way you wish, just make sure you include that you are noticed and rewarded.

Once you’ve got your sigil, tear away any loose edges of paper and fold the paper into a bowl shape. Anoint your candle with bergamot oil and light it. Let a small drop of wax fall in the middle of the work surface, then place the sigil in the wax so it sits upright (it will tend to roll to its side without support, which will make burning it more difficult). Put the clear quartz inside the sigil bowl and light the edges. Repeat your intent out loud as your sigil burns away. Make sure your entire sigil burns and no paper remains. Place a drop of the bergamot oil on your quartz, then roll it around in the ash, covering it with the remains of your sigil. Blow any remaining ash southward.

Now, you may keep the quartz with you or hide it somewhere where you work (your desk will work just fine if you don’t want to risk someone finding it and carting it away).  

Bonus Spell: Pennysave

My uncle always used to say, “Can’t save it, might as well spend it” and unfortunately this phrase runs through my head every time I want to buy something I don’t need. It’s my family’s version of “treat yourself!” This spell is meant to curb reckless spending and break bad money habits. A surefire way to ensure you lose your fortune is by carelessly giving it away, so instead of treating yourself, protect yourself and your funds — from yourself if necessary!

Best time to perform: Anytime, the sooner the better!

You will need:

  • A shiny new penny
  • A small amount of bakeable clay (any color will work)
  • A tool to write on the clay

I love using clay in spells because it’s elemental and also incorporates a transformation of physical properties (the clay goes from being soft to hard as stone). I think this is important in any spell that asks for a change in the caster as well. Clay is also very easy to find and work with. Copper is a protective metal (lightning rods are made of copper to protect buildings in storms) so the penny, while also symbolic, will be effective in keeping your fortune safe!

For this spell, simply wrap the penny in the clay and then write in the clay: I didn’t earn it so you could take it away!

Granted, this will be a lot to write on a small piece of clay so get a very fine point and write small. While there are no specifications on the shape of the clay, it’s better to keep the whole thing quite small as you’ll be carrying it with you.

Bake your clay according to the package instructions. At least once a day, pull this token out and say the words out loud. Before any unnecessary purchase, hold the token in your hands and think about the hard work that went into your paychecks, the hours of your life spent, and how fleeting the joy is whenever you splurge and buy something recklessly.

Nothing for sale will ever bring you more long-lasting satisfaction than financial security. Keep this token with you as a constant reminder.  

Good luck with these spells, witches! I hope they serve you (and your wallets) well.

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