7 Sure Fire Jar Spells That You Need Now

I used to like jar spells because of their aesthetic value. Pop one on your desk, in your car, on the altar, and bam a space is instantly more witchy. Not to mention, it was great finally finding a use for all those bottles I’d splurged on at the craft store.

Spell jars were vaguely reminiscent of the sand bottle art I used to get at amusement parks (which I would inevitably uncork, dump out, and ruin), but beyond that, because they don’t do anything except sit there, I didn’t give them much thought. After all, what was different about having stones or powders in a jar versus just leaving them on my altar? In my opinion, a spell involves a lot of working parts and time, so a little jar filled with flowers and oil wasn’t going to do much.

That’s when it hit me. A jar spell isn’t just a trifle of unfocused ingredients, it’s a bottled spell. You can absolutely put the same effort into making a jar spell as a more traditional spell, and the best part? You can carry it with you anywhere. The spell transforms from something you do once, into a talisman or charm you can keep close for as long as you like. How fantastic is that!

Luck Jar

Like a lot of witches, I’ve been asked by people to do spells for them. Even the most cynical people eventually come around and ask me to whip up some magic for them “just in case.” Although I’m happy to do so, when I do spells I like to be alone. So when I tell someone, yep, it’s done, there’s no experience for them. They haven’t been through the spell with me, so it’s even harder for them to get behind the magic. For some, this isn’t a problem. For others, they need to see with their own eyes to believe it will work.

Enter the jar spell. I can still perform the spell alone, then give them this small token of the spell that they can keep with them. Since luck spells are a specialty of mine, this is the most requested jar spell and the first one I’ll share today with you!

Ideally, this spell should be performed on a Sunday while burning dragon’s blood incense.

What you will need:

  • A jar. I prefer smaller jars as they travel better, but size doesn’t particularly matter.
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar
  • Chamomile
  • Aventurine chips
  • Amethyst chips
  • Jasper chips
  • Star anise seeds
  • Lemongrass oil
  • Bay leaf
  • Green candle and a fireproof work area
  • Lucky Duck powder, or luck-drawing powder of your choosing

So, in my life’s quest to purchase all the crystals and stones, I’ve come across stone chips. At first, these held no interest for me and I figured they must be for jewelry makers. I like big, beautiful stones I can find something new about every time I look at them. But then I started making jar spells and stone chips became very exciting. They are the perfect size for this task and you can usually find a huge lot for a reasonable price. Needless to say, I’ve overindulged.

On your bay leaf, simply write the words “I’m lucky,” or any version of that you’d like. Bay leaves are pretty waxy, so it’s not easy to write on them — keep it short and sweet. Then with your incense going, light the green candle and anoint with a little lemongrass oil. Hold the bay leaf with some tweezers and use the candle’s flame to ignite the bay leaf and send this message out into the universe. Save the ashes, and don’t blow out the candle yet!

Now it’s time to layer. Start with the aventurine, then the sugar, then the chamomile, jasper, cinnamon, amethyst, the star anise seeds, the luck-drawing powder, and the ash from the bay leaf. Carefully add a few drops of the green candle’s wax, and seal the jar. Fill the jar to the top so there’s no room for anything to mix and lose the effect. If you like, you can draw a sigil or rune on the outside of the jar, but I like to leave them plain. When everything is assembled, blow out the candle.

Money Jar

For obvious reasons, having a money jar around is a good idea. This jar spell, unlike my other money spells, requires the use of an actual bill. Like attracts like, so they say, and the money in the jar will be the lure for more money in your life!

What you will need:

Light your green candle (on a Thursday) and lay your bill out flat. Dress it with the Moolah powder, then roll it up as tightly as possible and stick it in the jar with the honey. Add your pyrite chips to the jar.

Holding the jar, repeat these words, and imagine what you’d do if you had the money you need:

“A magnet pulls and pushes

But throw a lure where fishes swim

Cast a line in golden waters

And reel some greenbacks in!”

Seal the jar and you’re done! You can keep the jar with you depending on size, or keep on your altar or window ledge.

Protection Jar

This is a house protection spell and can be hung by any door. I made one on a whim, and let me say, this thing works in mysterious ways. The day after I hung it up, I noticed that 3 fire alarms in my house needed new batteries and there was a frayed cord in the corner of my garage I’d never even knew existed — I was instantly more aware of little things about my home that needed immediate attention. Now there’s a jar at every door!

What you will need:

  • Sea salt
  • Cascarilla powder
  • Labradorite chips
  • A gold ribbon, wire, or chain — anything gold that can be wrapped around the jar

Mix your cascarilla powder and sea salt together, then drop your labradorite chips into the jar. Add your cascarilla powder and salt mixture, and top the jar off with more labradorite chips and seal. Wrap the gold ribbon around the jar and you’re done. If you’re using a golden chain, I suggest using a piece that once belonged to your mother if available. Mothers are the embodiment of protection and having that little extra something to represent her, and protect your home, will make this jar that much more potent. However, any form of gold you choose will still be effective. When using gold of any kind, it’s best to leave it somewhere the sun can touch it at least once a day to charge.

Attract Witches Jar

This is a fun one. Most witches don’t walk around in big black hats ] or announce themselves when out in public. This handy little jar is meant to draw good witches to you organically so you can widen your circle a little.

What you will need:

  • A white candle
  • Meadowsweet
  • Angelica root
  • Juniper berries
  • Passionflower
  • Basil
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Your favorite stone chips (to send your energy back to them)

If you wish, you can mix these herbs together or layer them, adding your stones first. While assembling the jar, light a white candle and think positive thoughts. There aren’t any words to recite, but in your mind imagine yourself as glowing slightly, radiating good vibes that other witches will be able to sense. Carry with you when you travel and be on the lookout for new acquaintances that suddenly come into your life!

Break Bad Habits Jar

Humans are creatures of routine, which makes breaking bad habits particularly difficult for us. Some habits are relatively harmless, while others can negatively impact our lives and changing them is a must. This jar will provide both motivation and a daily reminder that you’re tough enough to kick the thing holding you back from living a better life! This jar can be placed in your home where you will see it regularly, or carried with you.

What you will need:

  • Dragon’s blood incense
  • Catnip
  • Dried onion flakes
  • Purple ribbon

Light your incense while assembling this jar and focus very hard on how your life will be improved once you’ve made this positive change. Place the herbs into the jar, then tie the purple ribbon around it. When you’re feeling particularly unmotivated, drop a little of the mixture in the flame of a purple candle and perform your favorite grounding exercise.

Safe Travel Jar

Another great jar to give as a gift. My cousin is in the military and my aunt always has me make her one of these before deployments!

What you will need:

  • Comfrey
  • Feverfew
  • Garnet chips
  • Tiger’s eye chips
  • Yellow candle

Layer the jar in any order you’d like, but make sure it’s herb, stone, herb, stone. Light your yellow candle and recite these words while holding the jar:

“Wind, rain, fog, and snow

Will never my travel slow

Safely will I ever arrive

Wherever I choose to go!”

Seal the jar with a few drops of the yellow candle wax, and keep in your car.  

Altar Box “Jar”

Not technically a jar spell, but it works in the same way. You’ll need a small metal tin with a slidable top. These can be found online or at places that sell empty bottles (I got mine at Natural Grocers). This isn’t a traveling altar because it’s not to be used for spellwork per se. Its purpose is to carry the “spirit” of your altar with you wherever you go. I can’t give you a list of ingredients because I don’t know what you have on your altar or what you use it for, but what I did was take elements from my altar and miniaturize them, then sealed them in the tin. This way, you can feel connected to your altar, not to mention its power, whenever you’re away.

Note: Not everyone will see the purpose of this, but I know a lot of witches adore their altars — myself included. Turning it into a talisman of sorts and carrying it with me has been a great comfort.

7 Sure Fire Jar Spells That You Need Now // Witchcraft // Magic // The Traveling Witch

All my favorite components from my altar: Stone chips, powders, runes, bay leaves, star anise seeds, and more.

7 Sure Fire Jar Spells That You Need Now // Witchcraft // Magic // The Traveling Witch

Find the best configuration.

7 Sure Fire Jar Spells That You Need Now // Witchcraft // Magic // The Traveling Witch

I sealed mine with a paint and sealant because I added powder and didn’t want it spilling everywhere. You can decorate your altar box in any way you wish and carry with you (in the left pocket is best)!

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7 Sure Fire Jar Spells That You Need Now // Witchcraft // Magic // The Traveling Witch


  1. Hi! I really appreciate the information and recipes, but I was wondering if you knew or knew about a source to find simpler spells for beginners, who like me, are also broken and in the broom closet…I see great advice like this but is hard to get to do anything because I lack most of the ingredients, could you suggest me anything? Thank you 🖤

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