3 Reliable Spells For Finding The Right Job Quickly

My first job was at a bakery. It was within walking distance of my apartment and I wanted to work there more than anything. The bakery wasn’t opened yet, but there was a slot on the door where you could turn in applications. I attached my resume (which included dog walking) to the application and turned it in as early as possible. Then I went home and anxiously awaited the phone call. 

After two days of not hearing from my future employer, I convinced myself they’d lost the application. So, I went into the bakery and filled out another one. I wore a nice dress for the occasion, curled my hair (it was the ‘90s and big hair was it), and this time, I turned the application into a manager. Then I sat at one of the tables until they were ready to speak to me. Oh, this place was wonderful. It didn’t smell like a bakery yet, but it was so clean and new and lovely. Like a cottage in the middle of the desert. I couldn’t believe I was going to work here!

The manager finally came out to talk to me. She had dyed red hair, thick eyeliner, and wore all black. A shawl draped her shoulders, and silver jewelry dangled from her ears, neck, and nose. She told me her name was Madonna. I was going to work for a Madonna! 

Madonna sat down and told me that although she loved my enthusiasm, I was a little too young. I explained I was going to be 15 very soon. The problem was the heavy-duty equipment in the bakery. She was worried it was too dangerous for me and very politely told me to apply again in a few years. She thought that would be the end of it. 

But that’s only because she thought she was talking to a normal person. 

I came back the next day dressed in all black. My eyes were smeared in charcoal eyeliner. Silver jewelry? You better believe it. Stevie Nicks boots? Yes, ma’am. I knocked on the door and when she saw me through the glass, she laughed. This time I brought my sketchbook and told Madonna I was an artist and even though I couldn’t work the oven, espresso machine, or bread slicer, I could do all the art for the bakery. I was great at text, so I could make all the labels for the treats in the cases. I could come in early. I could work holidays. I’d stay late. Whatever she wanted me to do, I’d do it. She threw up roadblocks, and I smashed through them with pure child logic. 

In short, I broke Madonna’s spirit. You just can’t say no to a kid who tries that hard. 

As it turns out, working a bread slicer isn’t that dangerous if you’re careful, espresso machines come with lots of instructions, and all you need to use an industrial oven is heavy mitts and common sense. 

Why am I sharing this story of desperation with you? Because it’s time to find a job, witches, and hopefully, as you begin this grueling quest, you’ll keep in mind one very important thing: Setting an intention must be followed through with decisive action. 

Here are a few spells I’ve written to help you along the way. 

Sigil & Intention 

When I used to go job hunting, I’d go mad and send applications everywhere. Two things happened right away: Someone called me from a job I didn’t even remember applying for and I was aghast that I may have to work there. And a job I really wanted was lost in the shuffle because I didn’t spend my time focusing on that, being too busy fielding calls from places I wouldn’t even shop at, let alone want to work. It takes a while to get a good job, and during this time money is tight and stress levels are high. So, I understand the urge to send applications zinging into the world, but I advise patience. Spend your time focusing on what you really want instead of operating from a place of desperation. Quality, not quantity. 

I’ve written these spells as a complete ritual to perform once you’ve found a job you want and have decided to go for it. While they will be most effective when done in order, you can use individual spells as you need them — for example, if you’ve already turned in an application or resume and need to move onto the interview spells, etc. 

Now, the first step (after you’ve found a job you really would love) is to breathe life into this intention with magic. Another reason to make sure you are going after a job you definitely want — your intention will be much stronger. If you won’t be happy with the job, and you don’t truly want it, how can you put any weight behind your intention?

Create a sigil, being as clear and specific as possible. Use the business name in your sentence of intention and be sure to phrase it in present tense. For example, “So and so hires me by the end of August.” Once your sigil is done, draw it on a bay leaf. Bay leaves are not the best canvases in the world, so keep a few spares around just in case. 

Carve the success rune (sowilo) on the side of a yellow or golden candle, and light it. Say your sentence of intention two times, and after each recitation, waft the sigil bay leaf through the flame — first right, then left. Once more, say your sentence of intention, but this time very loud and bold. Then place your bay leaf into the flame so it catches fire. Drop it into a fire-safe bowl (like a glass ashtray) and make sure the entire leaf turns to ash. 

Take the ash outside and find a stone near your home. Size doesn’t matter, it just has to be a stone that hasn’t moved for a long time, and gets sunlight at some point during the day — don’t pick a stone that’s always in the shadow. Dab some ash on your finger and re-draw the sigil on the stone.

Sweet Resume Blessing 

When trying for a job, it’s a good idea to tweak your resume and cover letter so that they fit that job specifically. Don’t just hand in the resume you give to everyone else — make it shine by customizing it for the job you want. 

Once you’ve got it perfect, you can give it an added boost by blessing it. Make it stand out among all the rest!

You will need:

  • Job’s Tears seeds (three)
  • Apple
  • Pecan 
  • Sugar
  • Copper pot
  • A spray bottle
  • Yellow or golden cord

Fill the pot with water and bring it to a boil, then add seven tablespoons of sugar to the water and stir clockwise until all the sugar is dissolved. Once you have a good bit of steam rising from the pot, put your face near the steam (though not in it) and gently blow. This should create a small “tornado” over the water, turning clockwise.

Recite this spell, using your breath to keep the tornado spinning:

“Sweet breath, sweet steam

Now you work for me

I send you up and out 

And give you Tears of three

(Put the seeds in your right hand and hold it over the steam) 

“Bless this sweet water

Hear my call

I’m high above the rest (lift your hand with the seeds)

More worthy than them all”

Remove the pot from the stove. Chop or crush the apple and pecan together until you’ve made a paste, then slowly add a bit of the sugar water so it’s smoother and easier to work with. Now for the fun part! Take this mixture outside. Remember that stone you drew your sigil on? Go over the sigil again with this sweet apple mixture, like you’re painting the stone. Use all the paste and lay it on thick. In the coming days, industrious, hard-working ants will come and carry off your intention to the world! 

Save the rest of the water and add it to a spray bottle. Print up your resume and place the Job’s Tears in the center. Fold the resume three times vertically, then three times horizontally so you’ve made a little pouch containing the seeds. Wrap this pouch with your cord like a package, then spritz it three times with the sugar water — don’t soak it, just a light spritz will do. Job’s Tears are great for getting jobs so keep this pouch with you until the job you seek is yours. 

Make Me Memorable Charm

People worry about interviews a lot, but there’s really no need. If you’ve chosen a job that will suit you, that you want, and you’ll be passionate about, you’ll be able to speak enthusiastically during this process and impress future employers. You’re already prepared! 

But I know the thought still makes some people uncomfortable, which won’t do you any favors in the interview, so I’ve whipped up a recipe for a little charm to carry with you. This will help with communication, confidence, and keeping that energy positive! 

You will need:

  • Black candle 
  • Black pepper 
  • A green or yellow pouch
  • Mint leaves
  • Sodalite
  • Job’s Tears
  • Tiwaz rune (for success)
  • A favorite lucky token of your choosing

On the sides of the black candle, carve all your fears about this interview. Maybe you’re afraid you’ll say the wrong thing, or you won’t know an answer to a question. Well, banish that negativity here and now! Light the candle and sprinkle the pepper into the flame. 

As that’s burning away, fill the pouch with the mint, sodalite, Job’s Tears, rune, and lucky token. Tie this tightly so nothing can spill out and carry it with you to all interviews. Hold this if you speak to any potential employer on the phone. Each week (Thursdays are best), light a green candle and burn some Dragon’s Blood incense. Hold this pouch in the incense’s smoke to cleanse and draw quickly through the green candle’s flame to charge. Very quickly — don’t let it catch fire! 

Keep your head up, stay focused, and face rejection with the knowledge that it wasn’t meant to be. Good luck on your job hunt, witches! 

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  1. Hi! At the first spell as a water sign, what if we put the ashes into water, draw again the sigil in the water with our hand and then pour the water in a plant that also gets sunlight?

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