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How To Use Elemental Banishing With Fire & Ice

How To Use Elemental Banishing With Fire & Ice

How To Use Elemental Banishing With Fire Ice // Witchcraft // Magic // The Traveling Witch

A few years ago, I belonged to a community online that was like a sanctuary for me. I’d known everyone for years and counted on this space to unwind from life’s more chaotic days. One day, a new person logged in and our dislike for each other was pretty instant. After several months of pettiness and stress, the situation escalated to the point where I thought I’d either have to leave my little online sanctuary, as unthinkable as that was at the time, or she would.

I decided she would.

The banishing spell I used worked within a week and it has continued to hold 2 years later. I was so shocked by its success that I wrote it down and it became the first spell I thought valuable enough to keep in a grimoire. I have needed it only once more since that first time and, just as before, it worked beautifully. Today, I will share this spell with you, as well as another I designed for banishing negative factors in your life — like bad habits, bad luck… bad hair (just kidding!).

Ice Them Out

Do not use this spell unless you want the particular person out of your life forever. There is no undo or rewind with this spell — it is 100% permanent. This is also crucial to understand for your casting. Your desire for the person you’re banishing to be gone forever must be strong. You have to have good reasons for wanting them gone and there can be no second-guessing, or the spell will not work. Basically, you have to really, really mean it.

You will need:

  • Time to focus and meditate
  • Two small mirrors, matching
  • A long piece of black string and a needle
  • A long piece of black cord or tape (Gorilla tape works nicely)
  • A piece of paper and black pen (black paper is even better)
  • A freezable container (with lid) that is big enough to hold the two mirrors
  • An incredibly strong desire to have a foe out of your life forever

Cut the piece of paper so it’s small enough to fit inside your mirrors and container, then write the name of the person you want to banish on it. Focus on this name, on this person — bring them into your mind and let them sit there right behind your eyes. Think hard about what they have done to cause you distress and to justify being removed from your life.

As you meditate on this person and the unhappiness they have caused you, thread your needle with the black string and poke it through their name, pulling it back through the paper, and then poking their name again from the back. Both ends of the string should now be hanging down the front of the paper, twice piercing the person’s name.

Remove the needle and tie the two hanging pieces of string together in a knot. The knot should be somewhat centered over the person’s name, though it’s important that the string is not taut (leave a little slack between the knot and the paper). As you continue ruminating on the trouble this person has caused, think of specific times where they hurt you in some way and tie a new knot for each incident you can remember. Think of how it made you feel and bind these memories and emotions in your knots, pulling them away from you and locking them instead with the person who caused them.

Once you have tied all your knots, place the paper away from you and take a moment to breathe. Let the bad vibes of that person go. This is much easier said than done so take your time and let your visualization tools take over. Imagine your life now that the person is gone. Imagine the peace that you’ll experience and how your day to day will change for the better. While casting, especially when casting a somewhat negative spell, it’s essential to see the silver lining and keep this at the forefront. Your life will be a little more peaceful after this spell and now is the time to really see that and feel the relief.

Next comes the binding. It’s one thing to get someone to go away but it’s another to keep them away. With the name side out, roll the piece of paper into a tiny tube and wrap the excess black string around the tube as tightly as possible. Fill the freezable container with water and hold your piece of paper in it for a few seconds, until it’s thoroughly soaked through. Take your mirrors and slowly flatten your piece of paper and string between the mirrors, then wrap your black cord or tape around the mirrors to hold them tightly together. Place your mirrors into the water. Tightly seal your container and place it in the fridge, far in the back where it will never be disturbed.

Lastly, put that nuisance out of your mind and move on!


Cleansed By Fire

When wanting something to vanish without a trace, fire is a no-brainer. So for the banishing of negative things, like bad habits, for example, we’ll turn to the element of fire for a simple spell with a big impact.

You will need:

  • Time to focus and meditate
  • A small bowl or plate you don’t mind getting dirty
  • A white candle
  • A red candle
  • A black candle
  • A piece of paper and pen
  • A pair of tweezers

Make sure to work in a well-ventilated space as there will be plenty of smoke. Windows open, witches.

Begin by writing down the thing you’d like to banish on the piece of paper and curling the paper tightly into a tube shape. It should be roughly the size of a cigarette, if a little longer and thinner. With your tweezers, secure the paper and then light the end of the paper on fire, using the flame to light the black candle. Once the candle is lit, quickly stub the paper out onto the plate. Because you have wrapped the paper tightly, it should burn a little slower, but still be careful because the flame can get out of control fast and burn the whole paper away within seconds. It’s okay to have a few practice tries and a bowl of water handy!

Once you’ve got it and the black candle is lit, it’s focusing time. Slowly roll the paper between your hands (it should still be in the shape of a tube) and close your eyes. Say aloud, “I am so much happier in my life now that I’m _____” or however you’d like to phrase it, making sure to a) stay positive and keep ALL negative words out and b) keep it in the present tense. For example, if the bad habit you’re trying to quit is smoking, you’d phrase it like “I am so much happier in my life now that I can breathe.” Repeat your sentence quietly, and mentally focus on your life without the negative influence. Imagine it gone. Imagine all the good things about your life now that it’s gone.

When you feel you’ve meditated enough, hold your piece of paper with your tweezers again and light the end on fire using the black candle. Use this flame to light the red candle and then let your piece of paper burn down over your bowl or plate, letting the ashes fall there. Let every single corner of the paper turn to ash. Whatever you wanted to banish is gone.

Blow out the black and red candles and dispose of your ashes as quickly as possible — down the drain is fastest!

Now light your white candle.

You can let this burn for as long as you like. White symbolizes new beginnings and purification and will promote your new life, free of the negative thing you’ve banished. So let it burn! I like to play uplifting music during this time and do things that make me feel happy and peaceful, like painting or reading or eating something. This should be a time of relaxation and calm — enjoy it!


Banishing spells against others come with a small risk because you are imposing your will on another. While I’ve never had an issue with this spell, it doesn’t mean there won’t be. Simple protection charms can be used and should be effective enough. Again, the risk is small but be aware.

If you’re having trouble finding mirrors that fit, look no further than your big box craft store. I know I’m always saying to shop at these places, but it’s only because I basically live there and they have everything.

Remember gratitude. When you’re asking for help in this way, it’s important to feel thankful at the end of your casting and even say aloud the things you are thankful for in your life. Even when not casting, remind yourself to take a moment and count your blessings — not only does it help your spells, it helps your mental state all day long.

Good luck, witches!

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How To Use Elemental Banishing With Fire Ice // Witchcraft // Magic // The Traveling Witch
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