3 Powerful Spells That You Can Cast With Your Friends

You can have a thriving spiritual practice as a solo witch, but if you have a magic-minded friend or two, why not shake it up a little?

Performing spells with your friends is a lot of fun, and it can have a positive impact on your witchcraft. When you cast spells with others, you can all pour your energy into one intention. Sometimes the power of two (or more) is better than one.

Another benefit is that the bond of friendship brings an energy all its own. There’s a sense of love, trust, and connection among friends. When this high vibrational energy is used to power a spell, it’s going to super-charge that intention.

Friendship-Powered Love & Money Magic

Think of it this way, friendship is essentially based on love and connection. When you’re performing a love spell with your friends, you can draw on the love that’s present in that friendship. It doesn’t matter if your romantic love spells are powered by the warm, nurturing energy of familial love or the joyful, playful love among friends. It’s all about matching vibrations, and friendship holds a high vibration. Any kind of love you can bring to a love spell will boost the effectiveness of that spell.

The energy of friendship can also power a money spell. If you’re calling in wealth and abundance with your friends, you can think about the abundance of fun and support you have with your besties. Again, it’s not exactly the same energy, but both friendship and money intentions hold the vibration of abundance.

The Energy Of Friendship With Other Intentions

Friendship energy is also compatible with almost any intention. If you get creative enough, you can figure out a way to use it to add power to any spell you’d normally perform solo.

Think about all the non-magical ways your friends support you. They may console you when you are sad. They might put in a good word for you when you’re looking for a job. They could house-sit for you when you go on vacation.

When you boil it down, all three acts of friendship match the vibration of an emotional healing spell, a new job spell, and a home protection spell.

From that perspective, you can see that the energy of friendship is one of the most versatile energies you can use in your witchcraft. Try it and see how it goes! You might even find it deepens your friendships.

So grab your bestie and your cauldron! Here are three powerful spells to perform with friends!

Elemental Crystal Grid

Crystal grids combine the energies of different crystals and direct that energy toward a focal point in the grid, usually in the center. From there, it directs the energy up into the universe. This variation on a traditional crystal grid will use the elements and the individual energies of your friends to power the collective manifestation of your desires.  

This spell is ideal for four friends, but you also can make it work with more or fewer people. If you have over four people, just assign one element to two or more people.

What You’ll Need:

  • An assortment of crystals
  • Four slips of paper

Tell your four friends to pick their favorite crystals from their collections and have each friend charge those crystals with one form of elemental energy.

The elements include earth, air, fire, and water. Your friends can charge their crystals however they want, but here’s my recommendation:

For earth energy, place your crystals in a jar and fill the jar with sea salt or dirt. Leave them in covered in dirt overnight and dust them off before use.

For air energy, light incense and allow each crystal to pass through the smoke.

For fire energy, set your crystals out in the sun for about thirty minutes. I don’t recommend leaving them in the sun for a long time because some crystals such as citrine will fade from too much sun.

For water energy, set your crystals out under the moon. Because the moon controls the ocean tides, it’s strongly associated with water.

When you and your three friends have charged your crystals with their assigned element, invite them to arrange the crystals on an altar together. You can make squares, circles, diamond shapes, or whatever you want. Just make sure you arrange the crystals around a focal point in the center. Then have each of your friends write an intention on a strip of paper. Place the strips of paper in the center of the grid.

To activate this grid, hold hands around your grid and visualize the energy of the four of you gathering in the center of the grid, and moving straight up from there.

Leave the grid up for the duration of the visit with your friends. Ideally, you’ll want it set up for at least an hour, but the longer you leave it, the better. When your friends leave, they can collect their crystals and take them home.

Thank each other for sharing your energy and magical tools and check in with each other to see how your intentions are manifesting.

Three Of Cups Friendship Manifesting Spell

This spell draws on the energy of the Three of Cups, a card of celebration, friendship, and achievement. In the Rider-Waite deck, the Three of Cups card shows three women in colorful outfits lifting their glasses together in a toast. It’s an ideal spell for three friends to perform together.

What You’ll Need:

  • A tarot deck
  • A cauldron or bowl
  • A bottle of wine, champagne, or a beverage that you and your two friends enjoy
  • Three wine glasses or any kind of glass you’d use during a celebration

Get together with your two friends and create a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere. Do this spell in a space with comfy couches, chairs, or pillows for your friends to sit on. Put on a musical playlist of songs you three enjoy. Light some candles if you like.

When you’re ready to begin, set all your magical tools in the center of the room. This includes this cauldron or a jar in the center of the room, the bottle of wine, the three wine glasses, and the tarot deck.

Sit or stand in a circle around your magical tools and hold hands. The three of you will make a triangle.

Cleanse your magical tools, yourselves, and the space to prepare for magic.

Open your eyes when you sense that all the unwanted energy has left the room. Make sure that your two friends also agree that the space feels thoroughly cleansed.

Next, go through the tarot deck and pull out the Three of Cups card. Place it near the cauldron in the center of your space.

Have everyone select a glass. Fill everyone’s glass with whatever beverage you’ve picked for this spell. Pour a little more in each glass than what each person intends to drink.

Sip your drinks as you chat with each other. While this is happening, pass the tarot deck around and have everyone select the card that best represents their intention for this spell.

Go around your circle and have each friend share what he or she wants to manifest and how it relates to the selected tarot card.

After that, have your friends raise their glasses in a toast and chant the incantation.

You can write your own or use this one:

“The three of us gather

with a hope and a dream.

Our intentions are different,

But tonight we’re a team.

We raise up our glasses,

Together we cast

A spell with three cups,

So three dreams come to pass.”

Clink your glasses together and pour some liquid from all three glasses into the cauldron at the same time.

Then leave the cauldron and the tarot cards in the center as the three of you finish off your drinks. The friendly conversation and laughter among the three of you will continue to charge the liquid in the cauldron with your intentions.

When everyone’s done, go outside pour out the liquid in the cauldron to send your three intentions up into the universe. Your spell is complete.

Note: If you don’t have tarot cards, you can do this spell by drawing a Triple Moon symbol on a notecard and placing it in the center near your cauldron. Instead of selecting tarot cards that represent your individual intentions, you can tell your friends to bring along a photo, trinket, or an image from a magazine that represents their individual intention.

Mail Manifesting Spell

This is a great spell to do with a friend who doesn’t live close to you.

What You’ll Need:

  • Paper
  • Envelope and stamp

Write a letter to your friend communicating your intention for your spell. It doesn’t matter how you choose to communicate that intention. You can write out your desire like it’s a scene from a novel. Get as detailed as you can about what you’d like your life to look like after this spell has manifested.

Another option is to write out an affirmation or incantation that communicates your desire.

Fold up your letter and add a couple sprigs of dried herbs, a few flower petals, or anything else lightweight that you feel supports your intention.

Mail the letter to your friend with directions to read the letter aloud or meditate on the intention once the letter is received.

Ask your friend to send you a spell for you to activate on his or her behalf, too.

Because you have to wait for the letter to get to your friend for it to be activated, it helps you stay detached from the outcome. You’re not counting the minutes until your desire manifests. You’ll have a more relaxed attitude. It’s out of your hands, and in the hands of your trusted friend.

In my personal experience, the more detached you can be after you send out your spell, the quicker it manifests.

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3 Powerful Spells That You Can Cast With Your Friends by The Traveling Witch

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